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Fertility Awareness

There are many different types of pills or contraceptives that men and women can use to reduce the risk of contracting STD's and pregnancy.
This chart lists only some of those methods and how effective they are.

Name of Pill or Contraceptive What it does Effectiveness
Male Condom Stops the sperm from entering the vagina and fertilizing the ovum. 86% Effective
Female Condom Acts as a barrier to sperm and protects against some STD's 79% Effective

Oral Contraceptive
(Birth Control)


Artificial hormones taken by the female which reduces chances of pregnancy but not contracting STD's.


95% Effective


Emergency Contraceptive Pill Taken after intercourse to reduce chances of pregnancy Reduces risk of pregnancy by 75%
Diaphragm Acts as a barrier to sperm and is best used with a condom 80% Effective
Sterilizatin A permanent surgical procedure that either ties the sperm ducts in men or the fallopian tubes in women 99.5% Effective

*** The only way to be positively sure that you don't contract a STD/STI is to be totally abstinent a not have sexual intercourse.

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