S.E.A.L Team 7

Welcome to the Barracks of Americas Army Clan S.E.A.L Team 7 Special Warfare Unit, or better known as [ST-7]. Here you will find information about our history, the S.E.A.L Team 7 Challenge, and how to become one of us.
You will also learn of the team's most valuable, and important asset;
Please utilize the selected links below to successfully navigate our site. For those of you seeking to be dealt with, please do not hesitate to click our "Challenge Us" page. If you feel you are ELITE enough to be one of the select few in our clan, do an about face, and head to our "Join Us" section for intel on how to be one of us.
Dont forget to visit our forums for the latest SITREP About S.E.A.L Team 7

A new addition to our site is the wall of shame. This area is reserved for those who were not able to hack it with the elite S.E.A.L Team 7. We have also provided a link for those of you that seek intel about the REAL Navy S.E.A.Ls

The REAL Navy S.E.A.Ls
The history of S.E.A.L Team 7
The team
Challenge us
Join S.E.A.L Team 7
Wall of shame

We no longer have the forums due to the fact that i am cheap and dont feel like paying anymore.
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As some of you may have noticed, we are no longer a clan for Counter-Strike due to valve shutting down servers for 1.5 (Queers). We have made the transition to Americas Army since as it is more realistic and overall more of a challenge. I will keep you posted on our progress.