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Save The Net

Saving The Net and how to help

I have uninfected over 300,000 peoples computers, without them even knowing. you ask how? well most trojan viruses are controlled by hackers on an IRC Chat network.IRC is Internet Relay Chat, which has chatrooms. The trojan bots connect to these chatrooms in which the hacker controls multiple pcs at one time, sometimes even thousands. With a login password and commands, they vicously attack, ddos, and steal computer information,creditcards,passwords, banking info,ect.. How do i find them? People send me viruses they found on their machine, also I search for them on the web, kazaa, online spams. I download the viruses , run them on my test machine to find the hackers hide out place and i get their passwords to login to the computers they have infected and i uninfect them with a simple command. usually every botnet (group of infected computers) has an uninstall command with removes the virus. How did i get this knowledge? I have been on the IRC networks for over 6 years, I have seen and done alot dealing with infected computers. As my first day i was always curious to how people controlled anothers computer. I have many various tools to disect viruses, which gives me the location in which the infected computers are connecting, the chatroom channel, the login password, and how to uninstall them. How can you help save the net? I havnt had a real job in 3 years, I have spent all my time volunteering to uninfect others pcs. I do small jobs on the side, just barely to get by.. as I am addicted to decrypting and uninfecting viruses. There is no company that i know of that would pay me as theres no company that would profit. If you would like to help save the net please make a donation to the cause :)