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1. Eric
He's a good freind and I know I could I always trust him.

2. Amanda
He's all that you look in for great guy, He cares more about others than himself and hes willing to risk his life to save another, what happpened in febuary proves my point exactly.

3. Sara G
I ownly know him from the club hes really nice and hes funny all the time and he nows how to have fun and how to keep him cool.

4. Matt Gorso
well hes hes the #1 non hippy I know.

5. James
He's a big guy , hes like a foot taller than me and my bro. If He wants a job as a WWE wrestler he can grab it easily.

6. Ashely B
Hes cool and I know I could trust him.

7. Tomas
hey man hows et going? anywayz i dont know what to really put in this except for saying that you are a good freind to the club

8. Ashely Murphy
Scott is a great guy, hes soo much fun to talk can never get bored of himů.and I know I can trust him with anything.

9. Chelsey
I thought Canadians were all racist against all of us in Finland but Scott doesnt have a racist bone in his body and he looks hot in his picture. Ide like to meet him someday, hes the only guy I talk to on the web all other guys I have talked to only talk about sex, drugs or music. Scott deosnt talk about any of that, he interesting to talk to and I dont get bored of him.

10. Samantha
Hey Scotty, I knew you for a longtime ever since gladstone dayz and you stuck up for me alot so thanks. XOX OXO XOX OXO XOX

11. Richard
Whats am I supposed to put in here anyway? well I guess ya that I could stay that your a good freind , a little 2 trustworthy and tall. You should of played more football for GV.

12. Brittany
Scott you are a great guy :) you are meh hero of course since you saved my life. I hope your knee gets better soon! good luck vtm I hope I can see you soon.

13. Bethany
Hey , It looks like you have alot of fans yo! I would like to come to Canada for a visit and see the whole club and of course you most of all.

14. Emily
Scott is a good freind and stuff.

15. Melissa
Hey Scott is a good guy , blah blah blah, but im guessing you shouldn't get on his bad side (if thats possible) becuase he would take yah out soooooo quick. LMAO!!! Anyways Mr. Hunk all the senoritas I know likes you for your personality.... well cya soon Vee I need to go to da store now, I'll pick something up for you and I hope u like it becuase I like you alot. lol I sound soooooooooo stupid "oh ill by u something" how stupid does that sound? :( bye cya soon vee LU4L

16. Marilyn
He big and muscular, I like his sexy voice and he is very comical.He likes to make people laugh with how he can discize his voice.:P

17. Rachel
Your a true gentleman and a true buddy

18. Randy
hey Scott, your talented, You have a great website going on here so keep it up and maybe one day you will get rich off it. Hahaha

19. Timmy
well just like my sister said... I dont know what actually to write but anyway thanks for everything