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The can.ont gangs main members


Welcome to the pro-rune home page. Pro-rune will have Runescape News, Quest Guides,Skill Quides, chat, message board and webshot galleries. I hope I get it all by January 2005

You can Join my clan (the can.ont gang)By emailing me at or send me a message on runesape.The Can.ont clan/gang is now taking anyone who wants to join. the clan usually have a war against another clan about 2 times a month. Which we are undefeated. I also give free bronze or iron armour to beginners (lv3-10).Vince canada is my main username I am the leader of this 30 player clan.

The Canont clan curently not going to have a war this month. I am thinking of giving up the can.ont gang if i do not get a new computer this month. Right now Im just putting up my LV and not worring about the clan.

Last updated: December 2nd 2004