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Cook's Assistant
Demon Slayer Quest
Doric's Quest
Dragon Slayer Quest
Earnst, The Chicken
Goblin Diplomacy Quest
Imp Catcher
Knight's Sword
Pirate's Treasure
Prince Ali Rescue
Restless Ghost
Romeo and Juliet
Sheep Herder
Shield of Arrav
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Vampire Slayer
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Pro-rune Quest Guides
Thursday, 2 December 2004
Vampire Slayer
Topic: Vampire Slayer
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate
Requirements: Able to slay a vampire...
Suggested items: Stuff to slay a vampire with...
Reward: 10000 attack exp(If you do this quest early on,that will be several attack levels), 3 quest points.

Start in Draynor Village, south of Barbarian Village and west of Lumbridge Castle. In one of the houses is a man in a pink shirt named Morgan. Morgan will inform you of a vampire terrorizing the village, and tell you of an old man named Dr. Harlow who knows how to kill it. Dr. Harlow is in the Jolly Boar Inn, the bar just north of Varrock. It is along the wilderness border. But it will turn out that Dr. Harlow is an old drunk, not very helpful. Buy him a drink anyway. Get a beer from the bartender, and when the doctor says "buy me a drink pleesh", just say "ok,here you go",and he will tell you how to kill the vampire and give you a wooden stake. Note if you choose "Heres the drink,now tell me how to kill vampires", he will ignore you. Now go to a general store and get a hammer. You need to have this in your inventory when you face Count Draynor. Also,for an easier fight,check the cupboard in the second floor of a house in Draynor Village for some garlic. Then head to Draynor Mansion. Enter the mansion, then go into the basement. Count Draynor is level 43 and looks like a man with a cape. Wield the stake and attack him. If you are carrying garlic, Draynor will instantly take 10 points of damage, which is helpful. Vanquish Draynor and the quest is complete.

Posted by vince_canada at 11:36 AM EST
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Restless Ghost
Topic: Restless Ghost
Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: The ability to kill a level nineteen monster.
Suggested items: N/A
Reward: 500 prayer experience and one quest point.

Start this quest in Lumbridge Castle. Speak to the priest in the small church in Lumbridge, and he will tell you of a ghost in the graveyard. You can visit the ghost now, but he will only moan at you. You need an Amulet of Ghostspeak. You can get the amulet from an old hermit who lives in a swamp south of the castle. Then return to the graveyard, put on the amulet, and talk to the ghost to hear of his plight. He cannot go on to the next world because his corpse has been defiled, and it's skull has been taken away. The skull is in the wizard tower, which is over a long bridge near Draynor Village. Go into the basement of the tower and you should find the skull. Be careful when you pick it up, as a level nineteen skeleton will appear from nowhere and attack you! Return the skull to the graveyard and use it on the coffin. The ghost will disappear and you will have completed the quest.

Posted by vince_canada at 11:34 AM EST
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Shield of Arrav
Topic: Shield of Arrav
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Someone in the opposite guild as you (if you're in Blackarm, you need a Phoenix member, and vice versa).
Reward: One quest point and 600 gold pieces

Start anywhere in Varrock.

Player number one should:
Join Black Arm Gang - Talk to tramp by the sword shop and ask about the alleyway. Go down the alley and talk to the gang leader. You must then get two crossbows from the Phoenix Gang in a store room by the Phoenix gang headquarters.

Player number two should:
Join Phoenix Gang - Talk with Baerek in the Varrock Marketplace. Talk to the gang leader in the headquarters, reached by going down a ladder in the Varrock slums, near the rune shop. Then kill a man in the inn to get the intelligence report, and return it to the gang's headquarters.

Each of you should get half of the shield from your headquarters. Go with the shield to the museum to get two certificates and then bring it to King of Varrock to get your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 11:32 AM EST
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Wednesday, 10 November 2004
Sheep Herder
Topic: Sheep Herder
Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: A hefty 4 quest points, and 3100 gp.

Start by talking to the guy next to the zoo in a blue shirt and white beard. He will tell you that there is a plague going around. You have to capture 4 infected sheep and kill them with poison animal feed (the councelor gives it to you).

He also says you need protective clothing. Talk to the guy in the monestary to the north, he will sell you the protective clothing for 100 gp. Now go north of there until you see a fence with a building in the middle. Open the gate and talk to the farmer, he tells you that you need the cattle prod, pick it up in the building inside the enclosure.

Now, for the fun part. Use the cattle prod with a sheep to make it go forward (it tells you what direction) Keep prodding it until you get it near the fence, prod it one last time and it will jump into the enclosure.
Sheep 1 and 2: Behind the log cert guys house
Sheep 3: north-west of the enclosure
Sheep 4: behind the 2 buildings north-east of the paladin's tower.

Once inside the enclosure feed the sheep poison animal feed to get their bones, then burn the bones in the furnace. Now return to the councelor for your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 3:12 PM EST
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Romeo and Juliet
Topic: Romeo and Juliet

Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: N/A
Suggested items: Gloves and Cadavaberries.
Reward: 5 Quest Points

Start this quest by talking to Juliet in the house just west of Varrock. Talk to her about Romeo, and she'll give you a note to deliver to him. Go to varrock square and talk to Romeo. He'll tell you Juliets father is opposing the marriage, and that father Lawrence can help. Go to the church in varrock and talk to father Lawrence. He'll tell you that you need a cadava potion, and direct you to the apothecary. He'll ask you to bring him some cadavaberries. You can find these in the forest south of Varrock. Take the berries to the apothecary, and he'll make the potion. Take the potion to Juliet. Now you need to go to Romeo and explain that he has to pick up Juliet at the crypt. When you talk to Romeo, he won't understand, but you will have finished the quest.

Posted by vince_canada at 3:11 PM EST
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Prince Ali Rescue
Topic: Prince Ali Rescue

Length: Long
Difficulty: Medium
Suggested items: Three beers, a bronze bar, soft clay, rope, a wig, skin paste, and a pink skirt.
Reward: Three quest points, 700 gp, the right to use the toll gate free of charge, some magic experience, and one gold bar.

This is THE most complicated quest other than the Dragon Slayer in the free version, so be ready for a long haul.

Go talk to Hassan in the Al Kharid palace. He will tell you that Prince Ali has been kidnapped and wants you to rescue him. Then talk to Osman (he's outside the palace, dressed in black). Go now with all your supplies to the jail (s/w of Dranyor Village) and talk to Lady Kelli. Ask her to see the key, you will get an imprint in the soft clay.

Now talk to Osman in Al Kharid again and he will take the imprint. Now talk to Leela (near the jail) and she will give you the jail key. Go talk to the guard and he will eventually tell you too much beer will make him sleep. Give him your beers and he will fall asleep. Use the rope with Lady Kelli to tie her up, then use the jail key with the door to get to Prince Ali. Give him the wig, the skirt, and the skin paste and he will escape back to Al Kharid.

Now go talk to Hassan again to obtain your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 3:09 PM EST
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Pirate's Treasure
Topic: Pirate's Treasure
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Suggested items: Weapon/armor. White apron. GP.
Reward: 2 quest points, 400gp, a cut emerald and a gold ring.

Go to Port Sarim, south of Falador. Talk to Redbeard Frank in the bar,and he will tell you of a treasure. But he wont tell you how to get it until you bring him some Karamja rum. Take the ferry to Karamja island and buy a Karamja rum from the bar there. If you try to go back to the mainland, the customs will take the rum from you. So you have to smuggle it back. Talk to Luthas to get a job picking bananas.Go outside and hide the rum in the crate,then fill it with bananas.It will be sent back to port Sarim and Luthas will pay you 30gp. Back at port Sarim,try to get a job at the grocery store. The owner of the store wont allow you to unless you have a white apron (can be bought in Varrock clothing shop). When you get a job there, go into the backroom and search the crate,you should find the rum. Give it to Redbeard Frank. Frank will give you a key that opens the chest in the Blue Moon Inn.The Blue Moon is in Varrock, and the chest is on the second floor of it. Inside the chest are instructions. The instructions tell you to dig behind a bench in Falador park. Get a spade,go to the south bench of Falador park, and attempt to use it on the flowers. Wyson the Gardener (level 10) will attack! Vanquish the gardener and attempt to dig again.You will find the treasure and complete the quest.

Posted by vince_canada at 3:05 PM EST
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Knight's Sword
Topic: Knight's Sword
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
Requirements: Mining level 10
Suggested items: Food, pick axe, Red Berry Pie
Reward: 1 quest point, and 1-6 smiting levels. Crafting levels.

Start out by talking to the squire in the white knights castle (big castle in middle of Falador, cant miss it) It seems he's lost his knight's prized sword and needs u to make him another one unfortunately, only imcando dwarves know how.

Imcando Dwarves:
Now go talk to Reldo in the Varrock palace library and ask him where to find the imcando dwarves, he tells you that he thinks there may be some near the cliffs S/W of Port Sarim, and that the Imcando have always been fond of RedBerry Pies. First make a redberry pie (requires level 10 to make if u aren't level 10 someone will most likely make you one) Refer to the cooking guide on how to make pies.

Now go southwest of port Sarim until u see some cliffs by the sea, walk around them and you should find a dwarf named Thurgo, give him your pie and tell him about the sword problem. He will tell you he needs a picture of the sword so he can make a replica. To get the picture grab a friend and head to the 3rd floor of the west tower of the White Knights castle in Falador. Have a friend distract Sir Vyvinn by talking to him. While Sir Vyvinn is distracted search his cupboard for the picture.

Making the Sword:
Now return to Thurgo and give him the picture, he tells you that he needs 2 iron bars and 1 blurite ore to make the sword. Get the bars by smelting iron ore in a furnace. The blurite ore is a bit trickier... North of Thurgo there is a ladder, if you have one get a high level friend to accompany you down this ladder (the ice dungeon) because there are high-level monsters near the blurite rocks. Go through the ice dungeon until you find the rocks and mine an ore. Now return to Thurgo with the things he asked for and he will give you a sword.

Finally go back to the squire to get your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 3:03 PM EST
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Imp Catcher
Topic: Imp Catcher
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: Amulet of accuracy, one quest point, magic experience, and one gold bar.

Start out by talking to the wizard Mizgog on the 3rd floor of of the Wizard's Tower (south of Draynor Villiage, also if you are low level watch out for the dark wizard).

He tells you that some imps stole most of his things including some magic beads. You must go kill imps to get the 4 beads (white/yellow/black/red). This will take you a long time and many imps, if you kill them yourself. If you are lucky people will sell you some or all of the beads, however, it will usually cost a good bit of money. Once you get the beads talk to wizard Mizgog again to obtain your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 2:55 PM EST
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Goblin Diplomacy Quest
Topic: Goblin Diplomacy Quest

Length: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: N/A
Suggested items: Four suits of goblin armor, some red dye, some blue dye, and some yellow dye.
Reward Five quest points, some crafting experience, and one gold bar.

Start this quest out by talking to the bartender in the Port Sarim pub. He will tell you that the goblins have been feuding in the north. Go to the Goblin Village (north of Falador) and talk to either General Wartface or General Bentnoze. He tells you that the fights have been over the color of the armor and wants you to get him some different colored armors for him to see.

Start out by getting four goblin armors (goblins drop them) Then you need four colors of dye. You can get these dye from Aggie (a witch in Dranyor Village) She will tell you the ingrediants for the three dyes. You need Red, Blue, and Yellow.

For the red you need three sets of red berries (in woods south of Varrock) and five gold pieces. For the blue dye you need two sets of woad leaves (talk to Wyson in the Falador Park) and five gold pieces. For the yellow dye you need two onions (in small garden behind house south of windmill) and five gold pieces.

Dye three sets of the goblin armor. Each one of the three colors, and leave one undyed.

Now talk again to General Bentnoze/Wartface, and show him the three different armors. He will eventually tell you he wants a light blue one, thats the undyed one. Talk to him one last time to get your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 2:53 PM EST
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Earnst, The Chicken
Topic: Earnst, The Chicken

Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Requirements: N/A
Suggested items: Some food, armor and weapons.
Reward: 4 quest points and 300 gp

Start out by talking to the woman near the gate of Draynor manor, she tells you her husband wandered up to the manor and hasn't been back for a while, and wants you to find him go up to the 3rd floor of the manor and talk to the scientist, it seems Ernest has been turned into a chicken! But not to worry, if you gather the 3 parts for him he will turn him back 3 parts in no particular order:

Rubber hose: grab a spade and dig in the Compost heap to get a closet key, use the key to get into the closet with the skeleton and grab the hose.
Gauge: get fish food from the 2nd floor of the manor, use it with poison you find near the witch on the 1st floor, use the poison fish food on the fountain near the manor, search the fountain and get the gauge.
Oil can: this is the most difficult part, go downstairs in the manor, and you will find lots of doors and lots of switches, I still don't and never did remember exactly the combination of all the switches to get to the oil can, so just play around with it for a while and you will eventually get it.
Return the parts to the scientist so he can turn earnest back into a person you either get your reward then, or you have to talk to the woman you started the quest with, either way you get a reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 2:51 PM EST
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Dragon Slayer Quest
Topic: Dragon Slayer Quest

Length: Long
Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: 32 Quest Points
Suggested items: Good weapons and armor.
Reward: Some combat XP, Quest Points, able to buy Rune Plates

To begin this quest, talk to the guildmaster in the champions guild (You need 32 quest points to gain access to the guild). He will direct you to Oziach, who is located north of barbarian village and west of Edgeville in a small house. After he gives you directions, you may choose which part to begin first.

Part one:
Use the key Oziach gives you to go into Melzar’s Maze, which is located north of Rimmington. You should bring your best armor and probably some food.
- The first monster you will meet are rats. They drop a red key, which you use with the northwestern-most door.
- The second key (orange) is got from level 25 ghosts. Use it with the door directly north of the spawn point.
- The third key (yellow) is dropped by level 31 skeletons, and should be used with the door on the southwest side.
- The fourth key (blue) is dropped by level 32 zombies, and should be used with the north door.
- The fifth key (magenta-purple) is dropped by Melzar himself (level 45). Use it with the north door.
- The sixth key (black) is dropped by a level 79 lesser demon. Use it with the north door, and open the chest for your first map piece. Then go up the laddar. You may want to keep the key to the maze, as there are some good places inside to train your fighting skills.

Part two:
Talk to the Oracle on top of the ice mountain near the Dwarven Mine. She will give you a riddle about four objects that need to be gathered to gain access to a room.
- Object one: Small crustacean cage=lobster pot. Buy one from the fishing store in Port Sarim.
- Object two: Bowl that has not seen fire=unfired bowl. Mine some clay, use a jug or bucket of water with it, go to barbarian village, find the pottery wheels and make a bowl but DON’T USE IT WITH THE FURNACE.
- Object three: Worm string changed to sheet=silk. Buy it from the silk trader in Al Kharid.
- Object four: Drink of the mage=Wizards’ mind bomb. Buy one from the bar in Falador.
The room you need to find is in the Dwarven mine. When you go down the laddar to the mine, take the second left passage you come to, and go straight until you see a door. If you have all the objects in your inventory, you should be able to go inside, open the chest, and get your map piece.

Part three:
You must be able to do the telekinetic grab spell (level 33 magic or level 31 using the Wizards’ mind bomb). Gather the necessary runes, and go to the jail near Port Sarim. There is a goblin there named Wormtail. Kill him with magic or ranged skill, and telekinetic-grab the map piece.

Lumbridge Lady:
Buy the Lumbridge Lady from the sailor in Port Sarim, and get 3 planks (go up the westerm-most side of the wilderness, until you find planks and tiles to your right). You also need 12 nails, which can be made if you are level 34 smithing out of 6 steel bars. Get a hammer, and use the planks with the hole in the Lumbrdge Lady. You will need to talk to Ned in Draynor Village about sailing the boat, but don’t go on the boar until you are ready to fight the dragon.

You will need all your fighting stats (attack, denfese, strength, hits) at at least level 43 each. Take your best armor, runes for Varrock teleport, one strength potion, the anti-dragon breath shield, and as much food as possible (preferably lobsters or swordfish).

Anti-Dragon Breath Shield: Talk to the Duke of Lumbridge in the second floor of Lumbridge Castle. Ask him about the Shield.

The Fight:
As you land on the island, you will meet level 31 skeletons, level 36 King Scorpians, level 32 Hobgoblins, and a level 79 lesser demon that you may be able to slip by without fighting. Go down the stairs, (you may want to take one dose of your strength potion first) and fight your way through level 54 skeletons until you reach the level 110 Dragon. While fighting it, don’t let it get you down to less than 20 hits. The best tactic is to fight, run and eat, then fight again, until you kill it. Then go out of the door, South through the lesser demons, and through the "odd-looking wall". You are now on Karamja, and you have now completed the Dragon Slayer Quest!

Posted by vince_canada at 2:45 PM EST
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Doric's Quest
Topic: Doric's Quest

Length: Short
Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Fifteen mining (unless someone else gets the ore for you).
Suggested items: Six clay ore, four copper ore, and two iron ores.
Reward: One quest point, some mining experience, 180 gold pieces, and the right to use his anvils.

Start out by talking to Doric (in small hut north of Falador). He needs you to collect some ores for him: six clay, four copper, and two iron. Go to the dwarven mine (go along the path until you pass the cliffs then go north until you can walk up the cliffs, then south to a small hut). Here you must collect the ores for him. Take him back the ores to receive your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 2:37 PM EST
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Demon Slayer Quest
Topic: Demon Slayer Quest
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate
Requirements: Able to defeat an apocalyptic demon. :-)
Suggested items: Probably food and armor. Pen and paper is good for writing down the magic words. 20 bones.
Reward: 3 quest points and the Silverlight.

Start this quest out by talking to the Gypsy in Varrock square, she will preach about a demon, mass destruction ect., its your job to kill the demon, but you must have a special sword to do so, so go talk to the Knight in Varrock palace. The gypsy also tells you an incantation REMEMBER IT (or write it down) he will tell you it requires 3 keys. Heres how you get the keys, in no particular order.

Key in the sewer:
Ask the knight about his key, he tells you he lost it down the drain, use a bucket of water with the drain outside the east side of the palace to wash the key down now go into the sewers to retrieve the key (its near the beginning, hard to miss).

Guard Captain's Key:
Ask the knight about the guard captains key, then go up to the guards area of the palace and talk to the captain of the guards to get his key.

Wizard's Key.:
Ask the knight about the wizards key, now go to wizard's tower. GET 20 BONES ON YOUR WAY, and he will speak gibberish, eventually get him to talk about a chest and some spell, he needs 20 bones for the spell. Give him the bones, and get his key. now return to the knight with all 3 keys to get the Silverlight sword.

Key in the Sewer:
Now go to the Dark Wizards circle of stones south of Varrock to find Delrith attack him with the Silverlight equipped, say the proper incantation you learned from the gypsy, and kill him easily to get your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 11:46 AM EST
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Cook's Assistant
Topic: Cook's Assistant
Length Short
Difficulty Easy
Requirements N/A
Suggested items One pot of flour, one egg, one bucket of milk.
Reward 1 quest point, 1-3 cooking levels, and the right to use the Cook's range.

Start out by talking to the cook in the Lumbridge Castle, he will tell you that he has to bake a cake for the kings birthday, but is out of ingredients and needs you to gather them. He needs an egg, some flour, and some milk. Start out with the flour, take a pot from the table in the kitchen where the cook is, now go north along the path then go west around the bend and keep going west until u find a wheat field and a windmill, pick some wheat and go to the top of the windmill and put the grain in the hopper,and use the lever and the grain should slide down the shoot now go to the ground floor and use the pot with the flower.Ok, now for the milk and egg, go to the general store and buy a bucket then go east across the bridge and go north to the cow field, use the bucket with the cow to milk it. now go west from the cow field to the chicken pen and pick up an egg.
Now go back to the cook and give him the ingredients.

Posted by vince_canada at 11:44 AM EST
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The Black Knight Fortress Quest
Topic: The Black Knight Fortress
Length: Medium
Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
Requirements: Must fight Black Knights (Level 48), 12 Quest Points.
Suggested items: Food, good armor/weapons. One normal cabbage. Iron chain and bronze medium helm.
Reward: 3 quest points and 2500 gp

Start this quest out by talking to the white knight on the 2nd floor of the white knight castle in Falador (Sir Amik Varze), he tells you of the black knights weapon of mass destruction that you must destroy.

The Potion:
Now if you are lower than level 40 get a higher level friend to help you. Put on your chain and med, grab a cabbage and head up to the bk fortress go into the side door near the guards, and push the "odd looking wall" at the north end of the hallway, go up the ladder right click the grill on the wall and choose listen, you will hear a goblin a bk and a witch start talking, they're making an invincibility potion, and it needs a Draynor manor cabbage to complete it.

Sabotaging the Potion:
Now go back downstairs and into the room with the 3 bk's, fight past them and go up the stairs, climb the ladder, and use the cabbage with the "hole" which ruins the potion. Return to Sir Varze you started the quest with to get your reward.

Posted by vince_canada at 11:42 AM EST
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