The scene opens and we see a young man, by the name of Jacob Angel sitting at a desk inside a lighted room. The man is wearing a blue, long sleeve, shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch.  Besides the shirt, heís also got on a pair of orange, long, baggy, Abercrombie and Fitch pants. On his face, thereís a serious look, and a pair of glasses that are upon his nose. Heís reading some sort of document very carefully. In his hand is a #2 pencil made by Eagle.  Jacob seems to be a very studious, yet very strong at the same time? How is this possible to have a high school student be both smart and strong? I guess we can say heís just blessed. Not only was school controlling his life, but also his newfound glory would soon raise him to fame, which might just control his life more then school. Thatís right, Jacob had joined the newest big boy federation, the UEA.  Even though heís a devoted student, a caring family man, but a new member of what I like to call, a wrestling family.  Anyhow, Jacob marks down an answer to his very easy Biology homework. Being a junior in high school is great, especially at Oswego High School.  In Jacobís mind, heís not thinking about the homework in front of him, but about that one girl he has a crush on. Jacob puts his pencil down on the desk and heads out of his little study room, and goes upstairs to the second floor.  He looks over at the couch in the living room and sees his brother, Donny propped down on it. He then heads on towards the kitchen window that looks out towards the living room. Upon the counter are two phones, one for his normal phone line and the other which is for his Internet connection.  Jacob picks up the black phone thatís not used to connect to the Internet.  He dials a number (sorry, canít tell you the number) and then waits for the ring to go through. The ring goes through, and rings twice before someone on the other end picks up. The voice happens to be that of a girl, no, better yet, of a mind-boggling lady.  This just happens to be Jacobís good female friend, Raquel.


Raquel:  Hello?


Jacob: Hey, Raquel, itís me. Jacob.


Raquel: Oh, hey. Whatís up?


Jacob: Not much here, just about to head out. 


Raquel: Cool, mind if I come along?


Jacob: You donít even know where Iím going.


Raquel: So?


Jacob: Iím going to Goldís Gym in Fox Valley.


Raquel: Cool, so what time are you going to pick me up?


Jacob looks at his new Citizen watch and sees that itís now 3:35. He thinks for a brief period of time and then answers, a bored, Raquel.


Jacob: Well, how about in ten minutes?


Raquel: Thatís fine.


Jacob: Okay, Iíll see you in a few then. Bye.


Raquel: Tata.


Jacob can hear a click on the other end, for Raquel put down the phone. Jacob presses the OFF button on his own phone and places it back down on the receiver.  He then turns around and heads back downstairs. Getting to the front door, he picks up the keys to his white 1996 Intrepid and continues down the set of stairs to the door, which leads into the garage. Jacob puts on his white K-Swiss shoes over his white RL (Ralph Lauren) socks.  Then, he surpasses the silver Dodge Sports Caravan and opens the already unlocked front driverís side door. Jacob gets into the Intrepid and adjusts the settings so heís comfortable. He then opens a little compartment above his head and pushes the green button on his garage opener. Jacob starts up the car and watches the needles go to their rightful positions. Then, he places his right hand on the back of the headrest on the passenger seat and looks out the rear window. Slowly, he presses on the accelerator and backs out of his garage into his driveway. He backs out of his driveway, towards the right and takes a right onto Daybreak Drive.  He makes it around the long road, passing the pond.  He stops at the stop sign at the intersection of Barrington and Daybreak. He makes a right on to Barrington and heads on until he reaches another stop sign. This time itís the intersection of Barrington and Hafenrichter. Jacob makes a left onto Barrington and drives right past Misty Creek, until he gets to another stop sign. He stops and then proceeds to go right. Jacob passes Summerlin and waits at the very busy intersection of Hafenrichter and Route 34. Jacob watches traffic on both sides until itís clear for him to pass. He quickly gets past 34 and is now on to Farnsworth (thatís what Hafenrichter turns into). On his side there are a bunch of town homes known as The Gables.  Jacob passes the first turn into The Gables and glides into the second turn in The Gables. Jacob looks at the town home numbers and finally spots the one that happens to be of Raquelís.  Jacob turns into her drive way and puts the car into Park, and then proceeds to turn off the car. He gets out and goes up to Raquelís front door. He looks for the bell and rings it twice. Jacob looks at his watch and realizes heís a minute early. The door opens and we see a girl. Her hair color is dirty blonde while her eyes are hazel. She has a little tummy, but itís not all that bad. Raquel is wearing a red and white striped shirt thatís low cut with a pair of stone washed Mudd jeans. Jacob takes off his new $130 Raybanís and puts a smile on his face.


Jacob: Ready?


Raquel: Yeah. Let me just lock the door.


Raquel steps outside, slamming the door behind her. She then takes out a tiny key from her left front pocket and locks the door. She then turns around and runs to the front passenger door. Jacob swings around and opens the door for her. Raquel enters the car and Jacob closes the door for her. He then goes back to his own side and gets in. Jacob starts up the car as before and backs out of Raquelís driveway. He heads back onto Farnsworth and makes his way to that very busy intersection of Farnsworth and 34. Jacob signals left and wait for the blue Dodge Avenger to pass. He then makes the left turn and follows the Dodge Avenger. Jacob drives right past the green lights at Montgomery Road, and then turns on the radio. He goes to a very familiar station, 94.7 Alternative. ďFreaking OutĒ by Adema is being played, and Jacob rocks out to the great song.


Raquel: Tell me more about this new thing youíre inÖ the UEA?


Jacob: There isnít much to say. My fine physique and great talent had brought me to a world that would be able to accept me. Iím now a professional wrestler?


Raquel laughs at the thought of her friend, Jacob, being a wrestler.


Raquel: You touch sweaty guys for fun?


Jacob: Itís not exactly fun. Itís a job that pays; Iíll only be in it to get myself through college. Besides, you know how I love challenges. This should be the biggest one to date.


Raquel, seeming a bit disinterested, responds dolefully.


Raquel: Yeah, good luck with your new challenge.


Just in time, to break a fight from starting up, Jacob spots the gym. 


Jacob: Hey, there it is!


Jacob makes a swift left turn on to Gabrielle Drive and continues in the right lane until the lights at McCoy. Jacob makes a right on McCoy and immediately goes into the left lane. The first lights into the mall section, Jacob makes a left and then another left when he reaches the stop sign.  Jacob continues down this road until he sees the turn into the Goldís Gym parking lot.  Jacob makes the left turn necessary, and enters the parking lot.  Then, he searches for a parking near the entrance, figuring that Raquel wouldnít want to walk that much (knowing the real Raquel, this is pretty much on the dot). Finally, the lane in front of the gym has an opening in the third spot on the left. Jacob waits for the black Escalade to pull out of the spot, and hurriedly gets into the spot. He looks at Raquel and then turns off the Intrepid.  He opens his own door; at the same time Raquel opened her door, and hops out, slamming the door behind him. When Raquel is by his side, Jacob presses the lock button on his little key chain and escorts Raquel into the large white building. Once inside, they both can see several men and women doing various strengthening activities. Jacob looks around and spots his good friend, Omar. Omar is sporting a pair of blue And1 shorts with a red Fubu jersey. Omar is a really cool Hispanic friend of Jacobís that plays soccer. Thus, what better machine for him to be on then the leg curl?  Jacob and Raquel walk over to Omar, who is currently lifting a mere 200 lbs. with his legs. 

Jacob: Damn Omar, lift enough?


Omar lowers his legs, and slips out of the curl.  He sits up on the bench and then wipes off the sweat on his head with a red towel, throwing the towel down on the ground besides him after heís done.  Omar gets off the bench and greets Jacob with a hand shake (slap hands and then hit fists, isnít that what you guys do too?).


Omar: Never enough when it comes to leg strength. 


Jacob: True.  So youíre training early for next year?


Omar: Uh huh.


Jacob: Cool.


Omar: I was just about done with my last set.


Jacob: In that case, finish up the set and then help me, okay?


Omar thinks about it, heís really tired, and is it worth staying in this place any longer. 


Omar: I suppose I could do that.


Jacob: All right bro, Iíll be over at the bench. 


With that, he turns and looks at Raquel. 


Jacob: What do you plan to do?


Raquel looks around, noticing several guys in the area, many of them being good looking.


Raquel: I think Iíll work on that one first.


She points towards a guy wearing a red, white, and blue pair of tights just like Kurt Angleís as well as a hair cut just like Kurtís.  Jacob lets out a little laugh, as he watches Omar working hard (or hardly working).


Jacob: Point understood, just be sure to come and get me when you feel like going home.


Raquel hadnít even heard Jacob, as she had already walked away from him, in the direction of the male she was checking out.  Jacob shrugs his shoulders and heads on towards the bench press. Upon reaching the blue padded bench, Jacob realizes that thereís only a combined weight of 100 lbs. on the bar. 


Jacob: Man, the guy before me really mustíve been weak. 

Jacob takes off the little nozzle that holds the weights on the bar. He puts on another three 20 lbs. weights on that side, making the weight now 160 lbs. He puts the nozzle back on and tightens it. Then, he goes on to the other side and puts on equivalent weight as the other side. Making the weight a mere 220 lbs. on the bar. Jacob is now done adjusting the weight on the bar and waits for his good friend, Omar. After about five minutes, he sees Omar walking towards him with a towel around his neck. 


Jacob: Took you long enough.


Omar: Yeah, I know.  I kind of got a phone call from one of my many female friends.


Jacob: Great, atleast youíre here now. 


Jacob lies down on the bench, and puts his hands on the bar. Omar assists Jacob in lifting the bar up over the bar holder. Jacob staggers with the weight for a few seconds, and then becomes adjusted to the weight. He brings the bar down to his chest and then brings it back up.


Jacob: One done.


Omar: Yeah, and another 99 left to do.


Jacob replies with a smile on his face.


Jacob: Yeah.


The scene fades to black, as Jacob continues to do his repetitions.  The scene now re-opens and we see Jacob sleeping on his bed at home.  Itís the next morning, and itís almost time for school.  The alarm on Jacobís oak stand goes off. The time reads 5:20.  Jacob moves around in his sheets, not wanting to wake up. Finally, after minutes of attempting to get up, Jacob actually does get up.  He walks out of his bedroom and into the hallway bathroom, trying to avoid using his parentís bathroom.  He closes the door behind him, and we can hear the shower turn on.  Minutes later, the door re-opens and we see Jacob walk out of the bathroom in a brown towel with a tiger printed on it.  He heads on into his room and closes the door, once more. He comes out wearing a pair of white Nike socks with a pair of blue Levi jeans, and a red UNITED COLORS OF BENNETON sweatshirt.  Jacob walks past the bathroom and down the stairs. The time is now 6:10 and Jacob heads down to the den, deciding not to make a stop at the kitchen to make lunch.  He looks at the mess all over the floor, and begins to pick up his school things off the floor. He puts his silver portfolio in to his backpack, followed by his Political Science Honors book, and finally his Biology book.  Jacob zips up his red Jaguar backpack and lies down on the bed in the den. He puts his hands on his chest and stares at the wall, for about 10 minutes, thus making it now 6:30 in the morning. He gets up and grabs his backpack, and heads out the door into the garage. He presses the button that opens the garage and puts on his shoes as the door lifts up.  He ties his shoes and heads out of the garage. He makes his way past his neighbor and his dog, and towards the bus stop. Finally, he reaches the bus, which was waiting for him.  The doors on the bus open and Jacob gets on.


Jacob: Morning.


Bus driver: Morning Jacob.


Jacob makes his way towards the back, as he is the first stop.  He sits down in his usual seat and looks out the window. The scene now changes to outside of the bus. We can see the bus start up and drive off, heading towards the other stops.  The scene once again changes and now itís in front of the same bus, but this time weíre at the flagpoles.  Jacob gets off his bus, and waits for his African-American friend, Dre. 


Jacob: God, I swear Chris is a loser.


Dre laughs.


Dre: Yup, heís a goof.


Now noticing what they were talking about, we see Chris. Chris is wearing a red and black flannel shirt with a pair of tight blue jeans and black steel-toed boots.  The kid looks like a monkey, IMO.  Anyway, Dre and Jacob head past the flagpoles and into the high school. They walk into the lounge, and make a left towards the hallway in that direction. They walk down the hallway, until they see the doors that lead into another hallway. Jacob pushes the little gray bar to open the door, and walks through. Dre walks through the door and walks side by side with Jacob. They walk past another set of doors and make a right, so they walk in a new hall between two sets of stairs.  They pass the LRC (Learning Resource Center) and make a left into another corridor.


Jacob: To your locker, as usual?


Dre: Yeah. 


Jacob nods.


Jacob: Whoa, thereís Sarah.


Jacob and Dre both look at Sarah.   Sheís wearing a pair of leopard print Capriís with a black spaghetti strap.


Jacob: Donít you dare say a word, sheís mine.


Dre: Aight. 


The two make it to Dreís locker, and Jacob waits as Dre gets out what he needs from his locker. Dre takes off his green jacket and throws it into his messy locker.  Then, Dre shuts his blue locker and the two guys head out of the busy freshmen hallway


Dre: Your locker now?


Jacob: I donít need anything from it but we might as well wait for Omar up there. 


The guys go up the stairs; Jacob passes several people he knows.  Once on the second floor, they go over and stand in the big lounge. 


Jacob: Omar should be getting here soon. 


With those words, Omar can be seen walking up the stairs.  Heís wearing a red soccer jersey, with a pair of baggy blue jeans and his usual red and white Nikeís.  Along with that, heís got on a pair of silver framed glasses.  Omar walks in the direction of the guys that are waiting for him.  He has his red CD player in his hand while has a pair of Sony headphones on his ears.


Omar: Sup kid?


Omar and Jacob do their handshake (just like the one before). Omar turns to Dre and the two do the same handshake that Omar and Jacob had done. 


Omar: Wasup Dre?


Dre: Wasup.


The three guys now head back down the stairs, and make a right into the first busy hallway.  This happens to be the area where all the science classes are.  All three of them make it to the small area between rooms 139 and 141.  Jacob has Biology with Mr. Mitchell in room 139 while Omar has Biology in room 141 with Ms. Engberg.  They talk for a while until the fourth guy of the posse shows up.  This guy is Jake, and heís wearing a pair of ripped blue jeans (ripped up to mid-calf) and a black Metallica shirt with several flames on it.  Jake has his hands in his pockets, and just nods at the rest.


Jake: So what are we talking about?


Jacob: Nothing, just looking at chicks.


Mr. Mitchell (Jacobís Biology teacher) passes the guys and walks into room 141, to talk to Ms. Engberg. After minutes of talking, it becomes 7:27, so Dre leaves the guys to go to his English class upstairs in the other wing.  The other three guys walk into Omarís class, and talk in there with other people in a circle.  Jacob just stands behind the rest, and is hardly paying attention. Suddenly Mr. Mitchell comes up to him and in a joking matter begins to talk.

Mr. Mitchell: Are you cheating on me with Ms. Engberg?


Mitchell walks past Jacob, and begins to talk to Mrs. Engberg again.  Jacob laughs says good-bye to his friends and goes to his seat in his own room.  Once inside his room, he just lays his head on his desk and closes his eyes. The bell rings, for it is now 7:30. His friend, Dan, wakes Jacob.


Dan: Whatís up Jacob?


Jacob: Tired.


Dan: Work was crazy yesterday.


Jacob: What happened?


Dan: A fellow worker sprayed me with a high power hose.


Jacob: That mustíve been fun.


Dan: Yeah, I got him back though. I grabbed an air freshener and..


Mr. Mitchell interrupts Dan. 


Mr. Mitchell: Dan, go back to your seat.


Dan follows Mitchellís order and goes back to his seat, with his steel coffee mug in his hand.  Mitchell goes and sits on his iron gray rolling chair. 


Mitchell: Today, weíll be going outside for a lab. It deals with Natural Selection.


Mitchell slides his chair towards his overhead and picks up a large stack of white sheets. He gives part of the stack to Jacob.  Jacob takes one packet and passes it to Brad (the guy sitting next to him).  Once everyone has a lab, Mitchell continues to talk.


Mitchell: How many people do we have in here?


He counts the number of kids in the class, and announces the results.


Mitchell: 21?  That means four groups of five and one group of six.  Iím letting you pick your own groups.  Some students get up and move to the black slab tables in the back of the room.  Jacob goes up to Mike, wondering if they would be in the same group.


Mike: Weíve already got a group.


Jacob: Okay.


They go to the far back table and wait for the other members.  Finally, Sheila, Sarah, and Dan join them at the back.  Mitchell takes out different materials and heads to the back.


Mitchell: One person from each group writes a number.


Mike: Go with ten!


Sarah writes down ten on her paper.  Mitchell comes around, looking at the numbers, he then goes to a certain group and gives them each a spoon. He distributes different materials (spoons, tape, tweezers, and knives), and Jacobís group gets the knives. 


Mitchell: Everyone outside.


All the students follow the teacherís instructions and head outside. Jacob hangs back with his friend Dan (there are two Danís in the class, and Jacob is hanging with the one that was telling him the story earlier). 


Jacob: You guys are so going to lose.


Dan: No, youíre going to lose!


Jacob: Weíll see about that.


Once outside, Jacob absorbs the warm rays from the sun on this sunny day.  To think, just yesterday it was raining, how ludicrous! 


Mr. Mitchell: Everyone turn around.


Everyone follows the directions, and turn around. Mitchell sprinkles the seeds on the ground and then once again yells out instructions.


Mr. Mitchell: The object of this lab is picking up as many beans possible within a minute. The team that picks up the least beans will be eliminated.  Your minute starts, now.


The entire class scrambles around, trying to pick up beans with the tools they were assigned.  Jacob finds it too difficult to pick up beans with his knife, so he decides to not pick up any beans what so ever. 


Mr. Mitchell: Time.  Everyone back in to the classroom. 


All the students rush inside the classroom, and to their lab tables.  Mr. Mitchell follows suit, and once reaching the classroom, he gives some more directions.


Mr. Mitchell: Count up your beans, and record it on the board.


Sarah takes everyoneís cup and dumps out the beans they had inside into one pile.  She then begins to separate the beans into corn kernels, white beans, and black beans.   She then counts each individual group and concludes that the group has 22 white beans, 4 black beans, and 2 corn kernels.  She then goes over to Mr. Mitchell and notifies him of the count. Sarah comes back to the group and they begin to chat. Meanwhile, in Jacobís mind all he can think of is the new Poisoned Minds show.  Hopefully, this time he could win the match and get the title. The only problem was, there was a new person he had to worry about.  Mitchell throws a black panther at Jacob. 


Mitchell: You like to keep spacing out on me, donít you?


Jacob: Whoops, I guess itís just that I have too much on mind.


Mitchell: Well, you better finish your lab before you leave.  If you could get your work done, Iíll let you sleep.


Jacob has a smile on his face, he canít believe heí going to get the chance to sleep in class, Mitchellís class of all classes!  Jacob pulls out a pen from his right pant pocket and begins to write stuff down on the packet.  After minutes of hard work, Jacob turns in his packet into the clear tray for block one, and goes to his desk. Jacob lies his head down and begins to think about the UEA again.  Heís wrestling the entire match within his head. Time and time again, Jacob sees himself being done wrong by Warner.  Was this a sign?  There was only one way Jacob could find out, and that is to be there at Poisoned Minds and find out what actually happens.  The bell rings, as it is now 9AM, and first block was over. Jacob slowly raises his head from the desk, and drowsily looks around.  He sees Mitchell leaving the classroom with his daily gallon of drinking water in his right hand.  Jacob grabs his backpack and rushes out of the room, only to find Omar still waiting for him out in the hallway. 


Omar: It takes you forever.


Jacob: Sorry, I fell asleep.


Omar laughs.


Omar: Oh, come on.


Jacob: Getting you food as usual, right?


Omar: Uh huh.


Jacob and Omar walk down that corridor they were in and reach the end of it, they make a left and pass the food classes, and enter the main hallway. They make a left and then a right into the locker room area. They pass all the locker rooms and make it to the field house. Omar leaves Jacob to go get food, and Jacob hangs out with his other friends in the field house.  They are playing hacky sack, while Jacob continues to have thoughts about a major upset at Poisoned Minds.  Finally, he snaps and picks up Zack Price and slams him to the mat.  Jacob then leaves the field house and is back out in the corridor.  Suddenly, he sees Sarah coming towards him with her books in her arms. She smiles at him.


Sarah: Hi.


Jacob:  Could I carry those for you?


Jacob takes the books from Sarah and holds on to them with his life. This is the closest the two have actually had to a conversation.


Sarah: Thanks. 


Jacob has the biggest crush of his life in Sarah. Not only is she beautiful, but also sheís intelligent, unlike most of the other girlís Jacob knows.  Though everyone else knows about his crush, Sarah is yet clueless.  Jacob looks in to her eyes, seeing a bit of mischief in them.  Then, after minutes of conversation, Jacob and Sarah begin to walk towards her classroom, which is just two classes down from Jacobís.  This was probably Jacobís highlight of the year; itís even bigger then the day he got his license.  Itís just before the bell, and the two are standing right in front of her class. She takes her books back from Jacob and then thanks him for walking her to class.  Jacob gives her a note before she leaves him and goes into her class. Itís folded up into a paper football.


Sarah: Whatís this?


Jacob: Read it and find out, I have to go to class.


With those words, Jacob walks away from Sarah and goes to his second block class, which happens to be Health.  The scene fades to black, as that is all the insight we get of what Jacobís day is like.  The scene re-opens inside Jacobís den, where heís on AOL Instant Messenger.  To keep his true identity a secret from stalkers and such, he uses a name that isnít Jacob. Itís currently 10:00 pm    Heís playing chess at, where he makes the first move because he has the white pieces. All of a sudden, he hears a door open and looks at his buddy list to see a good friend of his to come online.  Below is the conversation they have. (Credit given to Berry for letting me using him in this rp)




RONNY028: Hey bro, what's up?

Allstar3D84: nothing much, just eating a banana

RONNY028: How fun. 

RONNY028: Just don't choke on it...;-)

Allstar3D84: *tosses banana away in fear of choking* so what are you up to?

RONNY028: Playing a little chess, and trying to stop these visions of Warner screwing me over at Poisoned Minds.

RONNY028: I really hope I win.

Allstar3D84: LoL, i think you will

RONNY028: It's a bit scary, this is my second match ever in wrestling, and I'm just a high schooler without experience.

Allstar3D84: have you been watching tapes of some of the greatest to ever wrestle? you should be doing that instead of playng chess

Allstar3D84: not that chess is bad, b/c i like chess too

RONNY028: Good point, and you should be watching those tapes too instead of the porno you've got on.

Allstar3D84: but i am, it's a Bra and Panties match!

RONNY028: Lol!

Allstar3D84: LOl

RONNY028: Anyway, I'm going to go and follow your advice.

RONNY028: Thanks man, and take care. I hope to see you at Poisoned Minds!

Allstar3D84: Good luck!

RONNY028: Thanks, I'll need it.

RONNY028: Bye.

Allstar3D84: you better believe it... err..... i mean, yeah! bye!

Allstar3D84: LoL

RONNY028: Lol


Jacob closes out of AOL Instant Messenger, and gets offline. He then goes upstairs to his room and waits for tomorrow to come.  As he lies on his bed, he listens to his favorite cd. System of a Downís, ďShimmyĒ is being played on his cd player.  Jacob becomes drowsy and eventually falls asleep while listening to his cd. 


Read my next rp to find out what that note to Sarah was about, and for next week at school for Jacob!  Iíd like to just thank my opponents for pushing me to rp like this, hopefully next time Iíll make it much more entertaining for all of you. Next time, there will be humor!  I would like to also say that the people used in my role-play are real. Omar is my best offline friend.  Iím sorry for not putting that much detail into this role-play, it was just used as an introductory rp for people I would use later on. Iíll be sure to use Sarah again, as well as Omar, and Mr. Mitchell.

Copyrighted by Jacob Angel Enterprises