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Roland's HomePage


..:: INFO ::..

If you have any suggestion or comment about this Homepage you can contact me trough my email here or you can send it from this page through Email page

..:: AGENDA ::..

29th May 2003         This Project will be due by this day
9th June 2003            My exam will start
11th June 2003          My short holiday will start



Welcome to my homepage. Finally i finished this home page hehehehe so much to do before i finished this site.

Here is some of My detail :

       - Name                 : Julius Roland Sebastian

       - Birthday              : 11 July 1984 (donít forget!)

       - Marital Status      : Single lah! (what do you think????)

Well i think thats all i could tell about me heheheh any other information that you need just email me ok hehehe

-=Adios Gracias=-



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