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Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB)
An Introduction
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What is SB ET-Feel Auto-Saved Text-Slates (SB-ASTS) and How to Use it?

The computer is hailed as a great instrument for saving time, but it seems the popular word-processing packages could not yet do enough to greatly decrease the labor and time involved in typing long passages of text into the computer. Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (abbreviated as Shabda-Brahma or just SB), a program (view screenshot) in Visual FoxPro 6 developed by Rituraj Kalita of Guwahati, India during 1999-2007 is an humble attempt to encourage the leaders of the word-processor industry to proceed further in this field. Its development first started in the year 1999 as a dBase III Plus program in a Pentium-I PC at Cotton College, Guwahati. The most modern and user-friendly Visual FoxPro version (v5.9.5, the full installer of it weighing only 4.22 MB) has been finalized and is being distributed (SB might turn out to be one of the fastest existing word-processors on earth, let's see). Without undergoing an authentication process involving a key floppy diskette (SB-KFD), the v5.9x package installed from the internet works as a Free 33-Line Variety allowing one to type up to 33 lines per file/slate (equivalent to half a page of single-spaced 11-point typed text in Word), and to open/ create up to 3 files/slates per session. Thus, this v5.9x has practically become almost a freeware: most of your letters, emails, poems, petitions etc. won't cross this 33 lines limit! (To authenticate SB v5.x, you may contact ESS, the vendor firm.) The name Shabda-Brahma is of an Indian origin, and is related to an ancient Indian belief that considered the word (shabda) as an extremely powerful entity. 

          Recent update-history: Compared to v5.7, v5.9+ has a higher functionality (unregistered-user) limit of 33x3 lines/session instead of 30x2 earlier, and is greatly easier for use by non-English-users. In addition, the end-installation welcoming help-page is made compact & more suitable for the new user with a 'Free-SB Tutorials & FAQs' section and a Non-English use FAQ section. Compared to v5.8+, SB v5.9+ has Undo & Redo options and offers a faster & advanced variant, SB-ASTS, as an additional utility. It also corrects two minor bugs and some minor program-inconsistencies, and resolves some initiation issues arising in the first run.

Interested SB-Free users desirous of migrating to the registered-variety (i.e., unlimited-lines) SB may click at the nearby Buy Now payment button (to pay ESS US $ 20 via PayPal) to have the Authenticator SB-KFD shipped to you!   

          Brief Description: For anyone having a volume of tedious text to type, this auto-suggesting, auto-typing, intelligent text-processor (with a partly intended, partly unintended extra-terrestrial feel) will be of great use for typing in the fundamental, skeletal text material into the computer. Whenever the user types the first few (two or more) letters of a long word or a familiar phrase/ clause, Shabda-Brahma tries to guess the intended word/ phrase etc. in a novel, intelligent way and displays that auto-suggestion (2 possible alternatives) on the screen. In case of correct guessing, the user needs to just press the Insert key (Alt key for the 2nd alternative) to get that auto-suggestion auto-typed (otherwise, Ctrl+Insert may be pressed to choose the exactly desired one). Newer auto-suggestions are even automatically learnt from the user's written texts, so that SB becomes more and more useful & relevant to the owner (user) with the passage of time (to know in details, click here). In addition, one may also use one's own pre-defined 3-Key Abbreviations (e.g. F2Aw, F4qa etc., each of which starts with a function key) to auto-type definite words or phrases etc. In  addition to English and any other European/ East-Asian fonts, SB can even type in Assamese/ Bengali, Hindi/ Marathi/ Nepali or in any other South-Asian fonts (involving conjunct consonants), in a similarly fast and even more convenient manner. Furthermore, all these activities could be done in at most 20 different ways, by defining up to 20 user-entities with different personalities (such as basic, poet, essayist etc.). Please don't be mistaken: Shabda-Brahma isn't, however, meant for printing or for producing the final text with fine formatting features such as bold, italic, differently sized or colored  fonts etc., and so it must refer the printing or any fine formatting work to some other popular word-processor e.g., Microsoft Word, WordPad, 602Text, FrontPage, PageMaker etc. SB is able to refer its text-output to such other word-processors extremely easily, via the automated, continuous formation of HTML-output (to be opened & copied by any internet-browser such as IE, FireFox etc.) to be finally pasted into the desired word-processor. (N.B. To introduce continuous spell-check facility in SB, install and get the freeware TinySpell from to run in the background.) For any further details about SB, visit help-manual on the web, The Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for the authenticator SB-KFD (that leads to the realization of the full i.e., the registered variety of SB5) is Indian Rupees 750 (US $ 20, including postage) at present.

         Special Benefits in Brief: SB has the intelligent two-suggestion auto-completion (of words & phrases) feature, aided by auto-learning of words from typed (or edited) text, in addition to the 10000 definable 3-key shorthand abbreviations feature, that makes possible to type very very fast, especially in case of text involving repeated words and phrases (e.g., technical, scholarly and literary texts). In contrast to other popular auto-completing packages such as NoteTab, has the 20-user facility, due to which auto-learning & shorthand systems develop in 20 different ways in SB instead of only one way. It is particularly useful for non-English language users as the 19 non-default user-entities may, if the user(s) so please, be started with blank slates of auto-suggestions & shorthands databases. Even more particularly useful for South Asian language (Hindi, Bengali etc.) users as it has the (additional) automated conjunct-consonants formation feature (a user-modifiable feature) for such South Asian languages.

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