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VY-Splitter v1.0
Splits a Huge File so as to Finally Re-Join Fragments in the Target PC

VY-Splitter is a tiny freeware for splitting large files. Using it, a large file may be split (into some fragment-files) to fit into several floppy diskettes, or a huge file (say, a movie from a DVD) may be split into fragment-files to fit into several compact disks (CDs).
To use VY-Splitter, no installation is needed; only the zipped download-file needs to be extracted to a suitable folder (say, to C:\VY_Splitter). The user-interface is simple: to split a large file one needs to just click at the Open button, select that file, then select the size (of the desired split parts) in KB or in MB, then finally click at Split. To join the fragment-files obtained thereby, one needs to first click at the Join tab, then at Open button, then select any one of the fragment-files, and then finally click at Join button. Of course, to join the fragments, the target (recipient) PC also needs to have VY-Splitter, but given the tiny size of the download (only ~0.2 MB) this is not much of a problem.

This tiny yet greatly useful Windows freeware (screenshot shown below) was developed by M V Vyjesh of Visakhapatnam (India) during 2002-03 and is at present being distributed also by Eastern Star Software, Guwahati (India). 

Fig.: VY-Splitter Screenshot