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Get a simple, mouse-operable user-interface to run PC-GAMESS,
the reputed computational-chemistry freeware!
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DblClkPCGAMESS: The Tiny Kit for Running PC-GAMESS

PC-GAMESS is a theoretical chemistry computational freeware of great repute and popularity, enabling one to calculate energy etc. of any molecular species. But its basic user-interface is command-line based, and is thus quite unfamiliar to the new generation of chemists. This tiny kit introduces into PC-GAMESS quite a familiar and simple user-interface with the help of a link file (aptly named 'DblClk to Run PCGAMESS'), which may just be double-clicked to run PC-GAMESS. In addition to the simple user-interface thus introduced, new versions of this kit also keep displaying the last part of the current content of input file (Work2Do.inp) along with the time and date of last modification of this file, the method to prematurely close PC-GAMESS, and also prevent unintentional overwriting of the PC-GAMESS output files. To use this tiny kit, the extracted contents obtainable from the downloaded WinZip file are to be copied to the C:\PCGAMESS folder wherein the PC-GAMESS package would reside.

Fig.: DblClkPCGAMESS Screenshot

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Some On-Web References about the PC-GAMESS package:
PC-GAMESS Homepage at University of Moscow
Kalju Kahn's Tutorial about PC-GAMESS in Analyzing Chemical Reactivity
M. Checinski's Educative Masterpiece about PC-GAMESSPart-I  Part-II

In-Package Docs: Sec. 1 (Intro)  Sec. 2 (Input)  Sec. 3 (Tests)  Sec. 4 (Refs)
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