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This site aims to contain common and useful computer-programs written & tested by this author, introduction to software packages developed by him, some common & helpful website information, educational materials on chemistry & computers by this author, his society-related writings & translations, and any other info that this author fancies to include......

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Note: Shabda-Brahma (SB) v5.9.5, Abhibhavak (AO) v3.2.1, Assam-Calcu v3.1, Power-Surface v1.5, Granthaalok v1.2, Force-on-Nuclei v2.1 & DblClkPCGAMESS v2.1 by this developer are being hosted by the globally popular software-store www.download.com since Mid-March, 2006!

Several Fortran-77 programs on common mathematical/statistical activities/routines:
Download (11 kB) or View
Similar X-Base programs (math/ stat/ PC-work) compatible with dBase III+ / FoxPro/ Visual FoxPro:
(I find that scientific/ mathematical programs are more conveniently written & executed in FoxPro/ Visual FoxPro platforms)
Download (43 kB) or View
A few MS-DOS Prompt batch-file programs including some useful DosKeys:
Download (1 kB) or View

Full-fledged shareware software-packages (for Windows) by this developer (via M/S Eastern Star Software):
Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB) v5.9.5:
The Fast Auto-Typing Shorthand-Enabled Multilingual Text Processor
Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO) v3.2.1:
Reminds & keep track of your to-do activities as if like a guardian; keeps addresses too

Full-fledged freeware (Windows) applications by this developer (need have VFP6/ VFP6 Runtime installed):
Symbolizer: Auto-writes the Assamese/ Bengali joint letters (juktakshars) in Aadarsha Ratne Internet font (by Rabin Deka)- just need to have typed the constituent consonant (vyanjan-varna)s separated by the 'vyanjananta' sign (source code)
Modify Plain-Prose OCR-Text can automatically clean OCR-generated text of unwanted symbols, then allows further manual text-editing line by line, and then finally forms continuous paragraphs, taking care to distinguish the individual paragraphs.
Assam-Calcu v3.1 (now inclusive of Assam-Adder v2.2) is a 12-digit Programmable All-Purpose (inclusive of most scientific functions) Recalling Calculator
Power-Surface v1.5 (inclusive of Saw-File v2.1): it performs power-series (1-9th power) least-square fitting for 2-D curves & 3-D surfaces
Force-on-Nuclei v2.1: It calculates the force on a nucleus in a molecule using its 'cube' file
Granthaalok v1.2: It's for password-protected management of small/medium book-libraries
Computers in Chemistry Experiments Set: Includes justification of Job's method for metal-ligand (complex) stoichiometry, rotational energy-level probabilities, molecular (Maxwell's) speed distribution, inter-nuclear PE of H2+ ion (codes)
View some photographic pictures of some of the above applications (programs) at work.

Discussing Food and Food-Value at the Backdrop of Poverty-Stricken Indian Society:
                Part I     Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   (from Notun Padatik)

Suggested syllabus for teaching/ learning computers in 7 days (with even some free course-materials!) and 8 tips for advanced users

May click to view bachelor's/ master's-level class-notes on a few chemistry topics from this author: 
Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics,  Statistical ThermodynamicsIonic Solids
Quantum Chemistry for BeginnersElectrochemistry of Conduction

In Polymer Science, In Basic Quantum Chemistry, In Molecular Quantum Chemistry, About Reverse Micelles & Microemulsions (jointly authored), In Computers in Chemistry and also Programming for National Eligibility Test (NET), India (Science) Examinees

Other chemistry materials from this author:
An Introductory Essay on Computational Chemistry
An Introductory Presentation on Computational Chemistry
Molecular Cunning: A Look into the World of Galvanic Cells
A Rigorous Approach to Correcting Procedural-Instrumental Errors 
Volumetric Burette-Pipette Pairing Correction Lists etc.
Post-Graduate Students' Literature-Survey Reports Guided by this Author (Win-Zipped)
GU M.Sc. 4th Semester Physical Chemistry Experiments 2005 Manual
(May also view the chemistry syllabi for GATE 2003 or NET 2007 examinations, India)

My Favorite Websites: These are the sites from which people like this author could be benefited, either through the extremely useful information therein, or through the various freebies that could be downloaded from there.

About the author of this website:
I am Rituraj Kalita (born 1968, Assam, e-mail: rkalita@rediffmail.com) living in Guwahati, Assam (India). Having arranged for a Master of Science in Chemistry (in 1992) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (W.B., India), I try to teach chemistry at Cotton College, Guwahati since 1993, and presently also dally with some theoretical chemistry research. Having a humanist bent of thought, I've attempted writing some essays on social and economic topics relating to Assam and the subcontinent, some poems, and has tried translating several Assamese poems and short stories to English. I am also a part-time computer and programming enthusiast (some other computer-related innovations being an MS-DOS batch-file based 'FORTRAN-77 HELPER' and dBase III Plus based 'College Routine- Maker', and a dBase III Plus based stock-management program for apparatus and chemicals at my workplace.) Here is a brief resume. To access my cell-phone (mobile) number, click here

Photographs: Part of Guwahati city viewed from our home & My photograph, 2008
Semi-Autobiographical: Some Aspects of My Days at Faculty High School

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