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Final drawing with parts list + dimensions for your machinast.

modified hat with custom support installed

Back of modified hat. You can see where the pusher goes

Pusher and 1/4 ball bearing

Pusher + ball bearing installed

Modified hat installed in motor. Upgraded studs

collar installed to assure bearing stays in cover.

inside of sub plate and outside of machined quick access cover

air cylinder and heat treated pusher

air cylinder and outside of sub plate. Pusher installed on air cylinder.

inside of cover with new bearing, sub plate, air cylinder wtih pusher installed. you can juse see the pusher.

quick access cover, sub plate, air cylinder

If you look close you can follow the air line leading to the air valve

air ride switch, air shifter button, + PBS 2 step button

Oiling holes.

Moved the air line to keep my knee from hitting when I hang off in turns.