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Below are some of the dyno graphs I've gotten for different engine combinations.  

Stock pistons, head no porting, and cams. I was running Star dragpipe, msd and dyna s ignition, and 36 Mikuni carbs.

The same motor with a wiseco low compression 1166 kit installed. Head is still stock with stock cams. The same carbs.

Good ole Mikuni carbs

All cleaned up and ready to go.

back together for 06

MTC Multi stage

Backside of the multi stage showing the counter springs

grc crank, R+D trans, Heavy duty stud kit

Stainless steel valves std on intake +1 on exhaust

GRC welded crank with 750 gear

JE 1260 pistons new for 06

Schnitz Racing Remote 2 step for the Pro2 Controller

Schnitz box and all new wiring 04

Giving the little wizard a try

Dial in board from MPS

total loss ignition system

New for 2005 gs1150 head


Behind the dash

Tried a c02 system. Didn't work with the air clutch.

Handmade overflow box.

Plug for dry block setup on cases