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That's me on Thomspons 2002 schedule on my old KZ1000.  The pic on the right is me on the 2004 TDR schedule on my GS1100 racing for the track championship.  And finally on the 2005 schedule for Track Champ and bike class winner.


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 I started racing near the end of 2000 at Thompson drag raceway.  A neighbor of mine had a drag bike and he offered to take me out so I could give it a try.  He showed me the ropes and then cut me lose.  I immediately got hooked on the sport.  I looked forward to every weekend of racing.  I spent the remainder of that year running in the trophy class trying to figure out what I was doing. 


    In 2001 I decided to enter points and I started racing the bike class.  I had five event wins and took third in the points qualifying me for the Bracket team.  The bracket team raced at Norwalk Raceway park for IHRA division 3.  It was a blast.  I went three rounds before getting knocked out of the race.  The Thompson team went on to win the event.


In 2002 I entered the points again and ended up fourth.  I qualified as an alternate for the bracket team. 


In 2003 I signed up for the IHRA superseries and points at Thompson.  I was the Bike Class Champion this year and took first place in the IHRA superseries for TDR.  I finished the year with four event wins.  It really was a banner year for me.  I lost the track championship when the dragbike just wouldn't run the number.  I got it back together, but it just wasn't ready. 


In 2004 Thompson Dragraceway switched to NHRA.  For the second year in a row I was the Bike Class Champion.    I ended up ahead by 14 rounds.  I have 7 event wins, 2 lightning round wins, and 3 runner up finishes.  I also won the king of the track wally.  I won the TRACK CHAMPION after beating the Top class champion in a very close race.  I took third place in The Valvoline Cup National Points Championship!.  It really made up for losing the track championship last year.


In 2005 I ended up second in the points.  Gave it my all, but ended coming up short.  Ran my best ever of 9.68 @134 on the Dragbike.  On the Hayabusa I managed a 10.09 @143.  TRP is going to go along with nhra and allow us to run delay boxes next year.  Maybe it will help us to make a better showing at indy in 06.


In 2006 I returned as the Bike Class Champion at Thompson.  I got the dragbike to run in the 9.50's at 136 mph.  On the Hayabusa I was able to run down to 10.07 @140.  I found I really liked the delay boxes.  It added a whole new challenge to racing for me.  I really learned alot about how the bike reacts as the clutch starts to heat up.  It's made me really want to see about switching to a slider next year.    


In 2007 I again returned as the Bike Class Champion at Thompson. After beating the Top and street champion I also won the TRACK CHAMPION for the second time.  The first time was in 2004.  I had five event wins this year.  I did switch the bike to a slider this year and ran a new personal best of 9.315 @ 140.783. It ran a 5.812 @116 in the 1/8th mile.  On the Hayabusa I managed a 10.04 @140.  We continued with the delay boxes again this year.  At the NHRA bracket finals I won the Race of Champions in the super pro bike class.  This is my second wally.  I also received a cash award and 30 gallons of VP racing as.  This also put me as the runner up for the world finals in Pomona for Div3.                                                 

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