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2005 Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa

Purchased 2/05

I purchased this bike to replace the VFR750.  I bought it brand new with 0 miles. 

Specs Engine:1299cc, 4-stroke, four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, TSCC

Bore Stroke:81.0 x 63.0mm

Compression Ratio:11.0:1 Fuel System:Keihin/Denso Fuel Injection

Lubrication:Wet sump Ignition:Digital/Transistorized

Transmission:6-speed, constant mesh Final Drive:#530 chain

Overall Length:2140mm (84.3 in.) Overall Width:740mm (29.1 in.)

Overall Height:1155mm (45.5 in.)

Seat Height:805mm (31.7 in.)

Ground Clearance:120mm (4.7 in.)

Wheelbase:1485mm (58.5 in.)

Dry Weight:217kg (478 lbs.) 218kg (480 lbs.) CA. model

Suspension Front:Inverted telescopic, coil spring, fully adjustable spring preload, 14-way adjustable rebound damping and 13-way adjustable compression damping

Suspension Rear:Link-type, gas/oil damped, fully adjustable spring preload, 22-way adjustable compression & rebound damping

Brakes Front:Dual hydraulic disc

Brakes Rear:Single hydraulic disc

Tires Front:120/70-ZR-17

Tires Rear:190/50-ZR-17

Fuel Tank Capacity:21 liter (5.5 gal.) 19.0 liter (5.0 gal.) CA. model

Color:Blue/Silver, Red/Black, Gray/Black


Suzuki GS1100  

The bike has a JE 1260 low compression kit in it, Gs1150 head with SS valves, and 325 lift megacycle cams.  The bottom end has a Falicon crank, billet basket with straight cut 750 gears, and a race cut tranny.  It makes just over 130 HP on the dyno and I built the motor.    Click here for more GS1100 pics  



Chassis:            The frame is raked, backbone fuel cell, 6" over swingarm with built in air tank, pingle wheelie bars

Bodywork        Beasley fiberglass

Wheelbase:      66"

Engine:             Stock unported head, 325 lift megacycle cams, stock block with 1166 Wiseco 10-1 pistons. 

                          Bottom end has billet basket, Kossman bearing support, Ward top end oiling kit, air shifter. 

Crank:               Falicon crank, 750 straight cut gear, and billet left end

Transmission:    R+D Race cut with electric over air shifter.

Carburetors:     Mikuni 36mm  flat slides

Clutch:               M.R.E Lockup with an MRE air clutch

Misc:                 APE air shifter, shift light, MSD ignition and Dyna 2-step, 1/4 turn throttle, kosman rear wheel, line lock.


1976 KZ1000


    And now we get to my first dragbike.  In the interest of not racing the VFR I purchased this 1976 KZ1000.  The bike was a drag bike when I first purchased it.  The previous owner had raced it for many years, but had hung up his racing leathers and the bike sat in the garage.  I purchased the bike for $2500.00 and have since invested quite a bit more. 

    When I first got the bike I took it to the track and ran 10.50 at 125 MPH.  After racing it several times the motor developed a ticking noise and I took it apart to investigate.  I quickly learned that the motor needed to be completely rebuilt. 

    I completely disassembled the bike and painted the frame and bodywork.  The motor was completely taken apart and I had a MarkII crank welded balanced and trued by falicon.  APE make me a big block to go along with the Weisco 13.5 to 1 1260 Kit.  The transmission was backcut by R+D Motorsports in florida.  The head was done locally.  I had oversized stainless valves put in with new 420 lift cams from star racing.  This bike was eventually sold. 


Chassis:            The frame is raked with a 6" over swingarm

Bodywork        Z1 fiberglass by Beasley with stock tank

Wheelbase:      66"

Engine:             1260 13.5to1 Weisco, APE bigblock. 

Crank:               MarkII, welded balanced and trued by Falicon

Carburetors:     Mikuni 36mm  flat slides

Clutch:               M.R.E Lockup

Misc:                   APE air shifter, shift light, Dyna ignition

                            and 2-step.


1994 Honda VFR750

    That brings us to my second street bike.  I was looking for a bike that was bigger and faster than the EX.  I wanted something that I could ride 100 miles and want to ride 100 more.  After searching and talking to other motorcycle owners I purchased a A 1994 Honda VFR750.

    My VFR has a Micron CF high right slipon on pipe, Dynojet stage one jet kit, K&N filter, 12 volt power adapter (under seat), two left side Throttlemeister bar ends(not pictured), steel braided brake lines, and the fender is bobbed.  I sold this bike 2/05.

94-97 VFR750 Specifications

Engine Type 748cm Liquid cooled 4 stroke 16 valve DOHC 90 V-4
Bore and Stroke 70mm x 48.6mm
Compression Ratio 11:0:1
Valve Train DOHC - 4 valves per cylinder
Carburetion Four 34mm slanted flat-slide VP type
Ignition Digital transistorized w/ electronic advance
Transmission Close-ratio six-speed
Final Drive Sealed O-ring chain
Front Suspension 41 mm cartridge fork w/ spring preload adjustment
Rear Suspension Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm w/ Pro-Link-mounted single shock w/ spring preload and rebound damping adjustment
Front Brake Dual 296mm disc w/ twin-piston caliper
Rear Brake 256mm disc w/ twin-piston caliper
Front Tire 120/70 ZR17 radial
Rear Tire 170/60 ZR17 radial
Wheelbase 57.87 Inches
Seat Height 31.49 Inches
Dry Weight 461 lbs
Fuel Capacity 5.54 Gallons
Horsepower 94.5 @ 9750 rpm
Redline 11,500 rpm
0 - 60 mph 3.0 sec
Engine speed at 60 mph 4,430 rpm
Top speed 144 mph



1993 Kawasaki EX500 

first streetbike


    This is a picture of my 1993 EX500.  This is my first motorcycle.  I would say that this was an excellent first bike and have recomended it to others.  The bike is extremely light and easy to handle.  The bike goes through corners like a dream.  I have seen quite a few of these made into race bikes.  The bike was in excellent condition and I only sold it in quest of a bigger faster bike.

    This bike remained unmodified while I owned it.     

Specifics pre-94 EX500

Standing start 1/4 mile 12.73 sec. @ 102.21 mph
Acceleration, 0-60 mph 3.76 sec.
Maximum speed in gears @ engine redline (1) 44 (2) 63 (3) 82 (4) 101 (5) 118 (6) 133
Braking, 60-0 mph 115 ft.
Average fuel consumption rate 48 mpg (20.4 km/l)
Cruising range (main/reserve) 202/29 mi (237/46 km)

Double-downtube, full-cradle perimeter frame: box section steel swing arm
Wheelbase 56.6 in.
Rake/trail 27.5/3.5 in. (89mm)
Seat height 30.3 in (770mm)
Ground clearance 4.9 in (124mm)
Fuel capacity (main/reserve) 4.2 (0.6)gals. (15.9/2.2l)
Curb weight (full tank) 408.5 lbs (185kg)

Front - hydraulic, single-disc with dual-piston caliper
Rear - rod-actuated, single-leading shoe drum

Front - cast, 2.15 x 16 - tire 100/90-16
Rear - cast, 2.5 x 16 - tire 120/90-16

Front - center-axle fork with 36mm tubes and 5.5 in. (140mm) of travel
Rear (1) shock absorber, adjustable for spring preload, with 3.9 in. (100mm) of rear-wheel travel.

Speedometer error
30mph indicated, actual 29.50
60 mph indicated, actual 57.53

Four-stroke, parallel twin; liquid-cooled with two chain- driven overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder 
Displacement 498cc (19.6 cu. in.)
Bore and stroke 74.0 x 58.0mm (2.91 x 2.28 in.)
Compression ratio 10.8:1
51.72bhp @ 9500rpm
30.86ft-lbs @ 8000rpm
Carburation (2) 34mm Keihin constant-vacuum
Exhaust system two-into-two
Ignition - battery-powered, inductive magnetically triggered
Oil capacity 3.6 qts. (3.4l) including oil filter capacity

Six-speed, constant mesh, wet-clutch
Primary drive straight cut gear: 23/61, 2.662 
Final drive #520 chain; 42/16 sprockets, 2.625
Gear ratios (transmission) (1) 36/14, 2.571 (2) 32/18, 1.78 (3) 29/21, 1.38 (4) 27/24, 1.12 (5) 25/26, 0.96 (6) 23/27, 0.85
Gear ratios (overall) (1) 17.87 (2) 12.37 (3) 9.60 (4) 7.83 (5) 6.88 (6) 5.92

AC Alternator
Charge control solid-state voltage regulator
Headlight beams (high/low) 60/55 watts
Tail/stoplights 8/27 watts
Battery 12V 14AH