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 Most Frequently Asked Questions
# Description  Department

1 How can I obtain a new marriage license or a copy of a previous marriage license?   Administrative

2 What are the benefits of getting a Business License?   Building/Zoning

3 How do I get a business license?   Building/Zoning

4 Can I obtain a marriage license at Painesville Municipal Court?   Administrative

5 What is a Business Registration License?   Building/Zoning

6 How do I get my towed vehicle released?   Police

7 What should I do if I see a Tanker Truck pumping out of a manhole during all hours of the day?   ALL ITEMS

8 How do I establish utility service with the City of Painesville?   Utilities

9 How do I report Drug Activity in my neighborhood?   Police

10 What financing and tax incentives are available in the City of Painesville?   Building/Zoning

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