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Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad

No. 1 - Maud L.

No. 2 - Jennie K.

No. 3 - Albert

No. 4 - George R.

No. 22 - Myron H.

No. 44 - Judy K.

The ex-Ward Kimball

Jennie K. in disrepair
Cedar Point Scenes

Funway Station

George R. on trestle

Judy K. at Funway

Judy K. with train
Illustrations from Randy's Book
These are from Randy's forthcoming book

No. 3 Arriving in Frontier Town

No. 3 in Yard

Cedar Junction

No. 4 At Midway

No. 4 Leaving Boneville

No. 2 At Mean Streak

No. 22 in Engine House

No. 22 Watering Up

No. 1 in Yard

No. 44 Leaving Midway

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