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Power Tubes
Electro-Harmonix 6L6

Standard power tube in higher power Fender amps, from the original Twins to current day models
Tesla EL34

This is the tube responsible for the sound of British Rock, due to its use in Marshall amps. A powerful, raw, raunchy sounding tube
Electro-Harmonix 6V6

Stock power tube for such miniature rockers as the Champ and Princeton amps, this tube has sweet, warm overdrive with lots of harmonics
GE 6550

This is a very powerful tube, which only clips at high volumes. It is best suited to metal players or others who play loud and clean
Tesla EL84

This is the power tube found in the famous Vox amps. This is an excellent tube for blues applications or country as it compresses very subtley with lots of harmonics
Sovtek KT88

This was the tube produced by the Marconi-Osram valve company to combat the GE company's 6550 tube. It is a very clean tube, with lots of power handling ability ideal for bassists

Preamp Tubes
Philips JAN 5751