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16th Sept: 1650H and buttloads of other stuff ordered. All this contributing towards a JTM45 build eventually

12th Sept: Hammond 370HX, 125BSE and spring reverb tank arrive

    I Have been interested in building a valve guitar amp for almost half a year now. Three months ago I had gathered all the knowledge I needed and the parts I needed to get myself into trouble. The results of my labours have changed considerably. First my amp was a P1, then a High Octane, then a design of my own done as an experiment, and now it is finally a P1 eXtreme as designed by Mr Phil Rowley (for information on any of these designs, see

I am currently building two amps. One is a 1987 "Plexi" 50W circuit, being built into an old Selmer head, the other is a 2x12 combo which is based on a JTM45, and going to have two footswitchable channels, reverb and "bias wiggle" tremolo. Check out the schematics section of my site for schematics of these designs and others

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