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Seasons Greetings

Lyrics: Chad and Sean
Music: Sean

Everyone, it's Christmas time
Oh wait, it turns out that it's a crime
To strongly express all your beliefs
And ask for prayer for the Maple Leafs

It's called multiculturalism
But maybe it's causing another Great Schism
As people make choices uncouth
They're not allowed to hear the Truth

"What you do? Yeah it's alright,
Just keep it out of public sight
We don't want to hear your shouting
Condemning what the worlds been touting"

"Keep it down," that's what they say
"24 hour bylaw, lasts all day
Don't yell out what you believe
Or we'll be asking you to leave"

What if someone walking by
might see a sign and realize
The worlds truth was not enough
Christmas might be more than fluff

What if a Merry Christmas sign
Brought someone into love divine
Would that be such a bad thing?
Why would you stop the Truth from spreading?

Way up in Canada, our total freedom's guaranteed
But there's still one thing that, that they don't see

Sure you're free to believe anything at all my friend
But we'll ask you to leave if what you're doing might offend
Well I never would have guessed that freedom could be a restriction
Arrest me now cause what I've said is already crossing the line (going way too far)

...Far past the limits you put on freedom
Far past the confines of liberty
Infringement on others' rights as persons
There's no room for my offending beliefs

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