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Johnny and the By-Standers

Lyrics: Matt
Music: Sean

Today was a good one, and yesterday was fine
I went down to burger king and waited in line
I sat near the window, the other seats were taken
I thought I saw my friend Mike there, unless I was mistaken

And child-labour's probably wrong
But that's not why I wrote this song

Here's a band, with nothing left to say
But you should listen to us, anyway
We're millionaires, we're topping all the charts
We'll whoa-oh whoa-oh, our way to your hearts

Sometimes we watch TV, and sometimes we forget
When I grow up I want to live near a vet
You say Tomato, I say Corvette
You say Potato, and I say not yet

There was a war in Vietnam
But that isn't why I wrote this song

We like paper weights
We like paper plates (x4)

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