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9 to 5

Lyrics: Matt
Music: Sean

Long ago there was a boy who played a mean guitar
Tommy was his moniker, he swore that he'd go far
His mullet soared the mases roard at the sound of every lick
Through his avaitors he could see the people go ballistic
Then one day America said "Tommy that's the end"
Now his six-string's in his attic, and he works at Computrend

Hey Society, you can't have me
I'm never gonna give you my life
I don't wanna be Mr. Anomynity
I don't wanna work 9 to 5

Hey Society what happened to Tommy?
He grew up to be a bee in your hive
Never gonna be a blue collar wannabe
Never gonna work 9 to 5

Once there was a girl with a seven on her back
Her name was Jenny Olsen and she was a power pack
On the ice she conquered, she was living out her dream
Often from the bleachers you could hear opponents scream
Jenny had capacity to rise to number one
Now she wears a business suit 'cause that's the way it's done

Here's what it comes down to, You can do anything
Don't let anyone tell you differently
Thirty years from now, don't be looking back on
The person that you could have been

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