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The King of Fear

The King of Fear Name: Chad "The King of Fear" Tyler
Role in Band: Bass
Gear: Betty-Sue (a '97 Squire P-Bass), D'adarrio strings, Yorkville Bass Master 100 bass amp, Schaller strap locks
Favourite bands: Five Iron Frenzy, Slick Shoes, 7-10 Split, Relient K, Hangnail, O.C. Supertones, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen
Favourite guitar chord: Gm
Favourite sport: Ultimate Frisbee
Pineapple liking status: Much
Parrot owning status: Yes
Name of parrot: Stupid sucky face dumb guy
Age of parrot: 13 years
Place where parrot found: On the side of the road in a box made of titanium alloy about to be shipped to Area 51 for NASA testing

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