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About Pretty Big Plunger

Pretty Big Plunger is:
Jeff "Sing Man" McCallum
Andrew "Beans" Revie
Ryan "Sunshine" Black
Sean Dykeman
Chad "The King of Fear" Tyler
Matt "I'm Kevin" Robertshaw

I suppose you want to know the truth about Pretty Big Plunger. Well you can't handle the truth. So this one time, we were white water rafting, and Sean accidentally paddled onto a guitar and it was a C# minor chord, and he was all like, wow what a sweet chord. And I'm Kevin was like, yeah, that's a cool chord. And then he started making drum sounds. It was so super sweet that we couldn't believe it. And so when we got to the bottom of the river, we hit a waterfall, and we were all like "oh, crap, we've got a waterfall ahead - quick play a song and it'll lift us out of the water" or whatever, so in our adrenaline rush, we started playing a song and it was the most pro thing the wildlife had ever heard in that region.

It didn't take us out of the water, but there was a forest ranger nearby. He heard some sweet tunes and started rockin' out, but when it stopped he said something like, "mushy potatoes monarchial institute to pear dog bitties!" But none of us were really listening because we were about to die, but he saved us because he liked our music. And so the first Pretty Big Plunger fan was Ranger Stan. Dan. Brian. something-an. Oh yeah, there's four other people in the band besides Sean and I'm Kevin. But they don't matter right now. We're mostly from Hamilton, Hawaii. Except for Sean, who lives in Milton. Ryan plays trumpet and euchre. If you don't know what Sing Man does then you're stupid, and so is your brain. After a robot took control of the King of Fear, he played bass guitar for six years. I'm Kevin plays drums, Sean plays guitar, and Beans plays the coolest thing ever. I mean, trombone. Which is the one of the coolest things ever.

So not much of this is true, just the credible parts. Stuff like C# minor is a cool chord, that's true. We usually practice in Sing Man's basement, which always has food and stuff for us, but sometimes we go to Sean's house. Sing Man's mom is our manager, and she gets us lots of shows, even though no one's heard us. Our name is Pretty Big Plunger, we got it this one time at a practice. We were just hanging out, and then we got it, and there's a funny story to it but this thing is already too long, so shut up Beans.

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