Taco Bell is a lying sack of shit

I was trying to enjoy some good old fashioned drive-thru fast food the other day and when I got home, I noticed that instead of getting the “Hot” sauce that I asked for, I got “Fire” instead. For those of you who don’t know, Taco Bell has three different levels of “hot” sauce, Mild (for you pussies for like to say at least you put something on your Taco), Hot (for normal people… it is called HOT sauce), and Fire (for people who are trying to prove something by saying that they use the hottest sauce at Taco Bell).

Anyways, I put the “Fire” sauce on my soft taco since I can’t stand a plain soft taco and it was the only thing I had. After eating around half of it, I came to a startling realization…All of the sauce at Taco Bell is the EXACT same. Those fucking bastards try to make you think they’re different with the different color packets and different names, yet they lie. It’s not like it’s that big of a deal anyways what kind of sauce you get. It’s only bitchy stupid people who are easily fooled by the different color packet and name so they think they are getting either a more or less spicy hot sauce. It’s your stupid ass who complains so much that makes Taco Bell have to lie to us by saying they have different types of hot sauce. To you people who complain about Taco Bell’s hot sauce being either too spicy or not spicy enough I have one thing to say…it’s not real Mexican food so shut the hell up and stop complaining.

Taco Bell is a watered down Americanized version of real Mexican food. The truth is that most people in America probably couldn’t stand to eat real Mexican food in the first place. Anyone who eats real Mexican food would laugh at somebody eating Taco Bell, especially somebody who complains about it. If you think you’re a badass because you eat the “Fire” sauce at Taco Bell, I challenge you to eat real Mexican food. I hope you tongue gets burned off (I do realize that while spicy food makes your tongue feel like it’s burning it’s not actually burning, so I just hope somebody cuts your tongue off) and you can’t talk the rest of your life. At least then you would shut up. I hate companies that lie to us and stupid people. I’m not sure which I hate more, but I wish both groups would die, or go to Canada. Either way I’d never have to see them again.

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