Thanks for visiting onlineidiots. This website is dedicated to exposing all the idiots of the internet. Believe me, we here at onlineidiots have come across many of them. Also, we have happened to have several conversations with them on instant messenger. So, I decided to put the best convo's on this site and put there highlights and we have also added commentary, thus giving the name H&C (highlights and commentary). Check it out and I guarantee you'll have a good laugh. Also before asking us if there are new episodes or why something has changed make sure to just scroll a bit further down and look at the things that say *UPDATE* because we always put what ever is new in there.

please help support our site by sending us your money...I mean your own conversations either by IM or E-mail. also another simple way to support us here at onlineidiots is to tell your friends about us, tell your cousins! tell everyone you know! the more people that come the better we'll make the site and the more money Alex and I will make =D. We also enjoy hearing your comments so please E-mail us what you think, good or bad we like getting E-mail.

*UPDATE* 10-23-03: I added My Picture to the Contact info section and H&C. Alex's is up too. also we have a new quote of the week. although its really the only one of the month but I don't care.
*UPDATE* 10-23-03: Alright...Now I'm Angry! I updated the site and spent an hour doing an H&C and it gets deleted. I put the full convo on and I'll add my commentary later once I blow off some steam. In related news, a Megasoide is gonna be comming up. I've spent two hours on commentary and I've gotten about 2/3 done with it. It'll be done once I redo the H&C for Idiots Converse. Finally I just thought I'd let everyone know that beanie is a real word! Beanie : a small round tight-fitting skullcap worn especially by schoolboys and college freshmen. Ha... Beanies are just that much cooler now. 

This weeks quote is… "Genghis 2323 (4:38:00 PM): prove my mom has a dick" 
Lets just not even go there...

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