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1922 Born in Athens, Greece.


1937 Ionian School student of the Kavalieratou sisters. Later

studies painting and drawing under Spiros Vikatos.


1947-1951 Scholarship

from French government to

the École des Beaux-Arts,

Paris, Atelier Narbonne and

Le Magny. He begins painting

with blood of spleen

and charcoal in the markets

of Les Halles in Paris.


1951 Greek artist and

engraver Dimitris Galanis

befriends NONDA in Paris.

Galanis introduces NONDA to figures such as: André Malraux,

Nikos Kazantzakis, Picasso, and others. Galanis writes of

NONDAs early works: "...the paintings show a true talent and

express a grand artistic temperament."


1952 Exhibition Galerie Parnasse. First one man show in

Athens, Greece. Dedicated to La Parisienne. Erotic paintings of

nude women spark national scandal. Thousands stand in line to

see the infamous nudes. Exhibition is closed by the police and

reopens when NONDA pins fig leaves over the offending parts.

Spiros Vikatos and writer Stratis Mirivilis publicly support

NONDA against the outraged establishment.


1953 Exhibition Galerie Zachariou:

Les Femmes Chapautées, Athens,

Greece. Private American collector,

Mrs. Mayo Johnson, buys thirty



1953-1975 Yearly exhibitions in

the Salons of Paris at the Grand

Palais, alongside Braque, Chagall,

Miro, Leger, Picasso and others. Salon dHiver, Salon dAutomne,

Salon des Artistes Français, Salon des Surindépendants, Salon

des Indépendants


1954 Gains support and admiration of French poet and novelist

Francis Carco, member of the Académie Goncourt as well as

that of the esteemed French art critic Jean-Paul Crespelle.

Francis Carco wrote of NONDA: "The ardor, the force contained

in this young Greek painter signals a rare temperament..."


1955 J.-P. Crespelle wrote of NONDA: "A very personal

style makes this young artist one of the most interesting painters

to emerge in many years."


1956 Galerie Allard First one-man exhibition in Paris. France-

Soir newspaper reviews: &son of an Athenian tailor reveals

himself as one of the hopes for contemporary art.

Signs contract with Galerie Charpentier Paris, France. Annually,

and for the next ten years, the Galerie Charpentier sends works

by NONDA to group exhibitions and museums world-wide.

NONDA invited into the École de Paris.

The École de Paris

began in 1920 in

Montparnasse and

grew to include the

masters of 20th century

art in Paris. It encompassed

an outstanding

group of artists who

represented the new

forces in contemporary

art. The greatest artistic

talents were invited to

become honored members

of this historic

association of painters

and sculptors in Paris. The École de Paris includes four Greek

artists: Galanis, Prassinos, Tsingos and NONDA.

Art historian Raymond Nacenta wrote: "The École de Paris is,

above all, a center of passion; a climate, more or less feverish

or exalted, of investigations, inspirations, suggestions and

exchanges of ideas; a center of ardour and emulation."

Journalist Georges Limbour wrote: "The link which unifies all the

painters in this École de Paris is the atmosphere in Paris, a high

level of esprit, favorable to artistic creation"


1957-1959 NONDA moves into his atelier at 18, rue

Moncey where he will work for the next four decades.

1960 With the personal

support of French Minister

of Culture, André Malraux,

NONDA receives permission

to exhibit his work

under the arches of the Pont

Neuf, the oldest bridge in

Paris, thereby reviving a

tradition of public, outdoor

exhibitions in Europe, which

had lain dormant since the

shows of Boucher and Chardin in the 18th century. This marks a

turning point for public art in modern Europe. All four Pont Neuf

exhibitions are sponsored by the city of Paris.


1960 Pont Neuf exhibition in tribute to poet François Villon.

Runs day and night without interruption. Enormous canvases and

sculptures dominate the arches of the historic bridge.


1961 Pont Neuf exhibition: Les Idoles.


1962 Pont Neuf exhibition.


1963 Pont Neuf


Trojan Horse", creates


sensation. Large

scale canvases,

sculptures, wooden

furniture and

"objets d’art" are

displayed around

the centerpiece a giant horse built of steel, wood and newspapers

in which the artist lived during the exhibition. Thousands

of visitors as well as leading figures in the world of art and politics

are captivated by his approach. Newspapers and art critics

around the world report on the exhibition.

Exhibition at Center for Cultural Collaboration, Athens, Greece.


1964 Group exhibition Musée dArt Moderne Munich,

Germany. Exhibition Neue München Gallery, Munich, Germany


1965 Exhibition Galerie de Rennes, France.


1966-1973 Series of "spleen" paintings using blood from

cow spleen.


1968 Six month stay in New York City marks beginning of a

series of colorful acrylics.


1969-1970 Production of a series of high texture pieces in



1971 Exhibition Pont du Carrousel

Paris, France.


1972-1973 Production of six large

abstract wood sculptures, Athens,



1974-1985 A period of secluded,

intense production with focus on a

series of massive cement sculptures.

Almost all works took on a sculptural influence: sketches,

engravings, portraits, paintings with plaster, paintings on rice



1986 Exhibition Galerie Epipeda

Athens, Greece. Works on rice

paper and charcoal drawings. Eight

monumental cement sculptures and

five in plaster and wire are exhibited

in the Dexameni Square in

Kolonaki.across from the gallery.


1987-1988 Series of fish paintings

produced. Six of the eight

cement sculptures disappear and

remain unrecovered.


1989 Nonda suffers a severe heart attack and requires extensive

surgery. Early signs of Alzheimers disease hinder usual productivity.


1990-1996 Small series of abstract paintings produced as

well as several new engravings.


1997 Nondas Paris studio at 18, rue Moncey is sold.

Remaining artwork shipped from Paris studio to Athens,Greece.


1998 Last painting Nonda produces

is completed in



2002-2003 Public and private

celebrations mark his 80th year.