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Night Shadows

Fear The Shadows Of Night
Night Shadows

Meaning: We creep in the night, amongst those unsuspecting denizens of all realms. To feed, kill, enslave. We are in close relation to LaSombra's, yet, we aren't as beautiful in vanity as they were. Being dismembered by Caine; him giving us the curse of not being able to control most people through Dominate. Also, giving us the overwheming, uncontrolable desire to feed from anything and everything around us. Our heighten ammounts of Willpower makes up for the lack of our small bloodpool.

Mission: To complete the dire will of our master, Caine. To superceed those that have wished to rid the world of kindred. To rid the world of those people who apose the Darkness, to rid those who wish death apon Evil.

This is the members of the Night Shadows