A guy stumbles over a plot to take down evil Chinese warlord from taking over his hometown.

Scene One: Our hero, Harry Bush, is sitting in front of his television. He’s playing the video game. He puts down the controller, sighing. He decides he should call his friends so they can hang out during the summer. He remembers he has no friends. He decides to buy a new video game.

Scene Two: Our hero, Harry Bush, goes to his room, where he normally keeps his money. He looks at his money, of which he has not much. Poor Harry. He tries to figure out a way to make money.

Scene Three: He’s looking for money in all sorts of places, including couches, etc.

Scene Four: Three days later, poor Harry has only found three dollars. He decides he better buy a soda and think about it.

Scene Five: At the vending machine, he meets a hobo who tries to sell him a video game. After a conversation, he finds out the hobo bought it from a Chinese Triad that consists of only one man, named Master Ping-Pong. Harry figures this Master Ping-Pong sounds like a good deal.

Scene Six: Holding a “Road to Master Ping-Pong’s Panda Palace”, Harry Bush arrives at the PP’s lair (heheheh...peepee). He goes up to the front door, where he is stopped by a masked Chinese guy. He finally gets in.

Scene Seven: Harry wanders into Master Ping-Pong’s diabolical plan to take over our beloved hometown, Fremont. Master Ping-Pong is infuriated and sicks his sidekick on Harry. Harry defeats his sidekick. Infuriated even more, Ping-Pong destroys his sidekick by throwing rice at him. Harry runs away.

Scene Eight: Harry gets in his car and drives away, but Ping-Pong follows close behind. In what will turn out to be the car chase scene of the century, Harry gets home, while Ping-Pong gets stuck at a red light.

Scene Nine: Master Ping-Pong gets on his cell phone and calls up his heterosexual assassin killer.

Scene Ten: Our hero, Harry Bush, gets out of his car, and, trying to forget what just happened decides to go to his room, where he is quickly met by the heterosexual assassin killer. Harry Bush asks him who he is and what he wants. A fight ensues. Harry, of course, remains the victor. Master Ping-Pong walks in. Harry Bush asks him, “Why, Ping-Pong? Why?”

Scene Eleven: Ping-Pong tells Bush everything. Ping-Pong was always made fun of when he was Chinese by his white friends. Bush argues with Ping-Pong. They banter back and forth.

Scene Twelve: The craziest motherfucking fight ensues. Of course, Harry Bush wins, ‘cause well...Master Ping-Pong is played by Edwin. And it’d be FUCKED up if he beat me. Shit. Heheheh...

Scene Thirteen: The next day. Harry Bush’s only friend, Peter Long, comes to Bush’s house to show him the yearbook. Bush discovers everyone is already Chinese. Harry and Peter scream, “NOOOOO,” with the built-up rage of a thousand virgins. The camera fades out. Powerful shit, huh?