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welcomes you to his cyber abode.


My name is Moitreyo ( or in short, you can call me Rivu ) and this is my first attempt at a web site.  Of course, that's pretty understandable considering I am just born. (I am not even two months old now.) 

You'll have to bear with me as I construct this site because, for the time being, I have to rely on my mom to type. But give me a few weeks and I should pick it up...

People think being a baby is easy.  They don't know how difficult it can be to look so cute all the time just to get the deserved attention. You cannot imagine how hard it is to continually retrain your parents and grandparents on what the priorities really are, and then having to reward them with the silly smile they love.


Birth Story

Although I was due on April 27, 2003, I decided to make an early entry into the world. So, I blessed your planet by landing up in it on April 17, 2003 at Woodlands Hospital in Calcutta, India. 

So...I was born on April 17, 2003 at 8:30 a.m. It was a bright sunny morning of an Indian summer and I decided to make my entry a fairly short event. My mom says, the morning sun gave her the most precious gift, which is me!

Mom also thanks me for being early given that I would have been much bigger had I arrived on time. Both mom and I are happy that I didn't get dad's huge head.  (Ouch).  I weighed in at 7 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 20 inches.

At birth, I had (and still have) dense curly black hair. The colour of my eyes was black. And I had wheatish complexion at the time of my birth. I have a red birthmark on my forehead.


The first few moments

At around 8:30 AM on 17th April 2003, I let the doctor touch me and I was “officially born”. The doctor (Dr. Nirmal Sen, I am planning to call him 'Doctor-dadu') was a kind-looking cheerful man, so I decided not to give him too much of a trouble. He was already scared of me, as I had kicked him umpteen times during my mom's regular medical check ups in her last trimester. Technically, he was the first person I saw after I was born. Well, I saw my mom too but she was drugged pretty much, and she was not able to see me. 

The first family members who saw me were my grandmom, my mother's uncle and of course my poor dad. Apparently, I let out a high-pitched wail when the nurse brought me to them. I had to do that, because the nurse had removed my towel when she brought me to them, and I don’t like such treatment from others.


At the nursery

I was wheeled into the nursery after I was born. I liked the nursery, there were a lot of cheerful pictures all around and there were a lot of tiny friends around me. Though most of them were sleeping, some of them managed a tiny “hi” before falling asleep again. I did manage to relax for the few days I spent in the nursery, despite my tough schedule of feeding, bathing and being visited by relatives.


The first evening

Guess what – on the first evening, relatives came to meet me. I was bored by then, so I decided to sleep all through their visiting hours. Just to oblige them a bit, I wailed a bit once so they could get a feel of my “attitude” (I have loads of it already….). I puked a drop too, since the lunch had been good and heavy and I saw my friends doing the same.


The first night

Late in the evening, I found the nurses were dressing me up. We went out of the nursery on a stroll and guess what, we landed up at my mother’s room. My dad was waiting for me too, so that was the first official family reunion. I looked at my mom first with one eye – you see, opening two eyes at the same time to see the same thing is too much of an effort and redundant of course. I liked what I saw of my mom, so I opened two eyes to see her better. I saw my dad standing too, and I looked around the room too. By that time, I had gotten bored, (Actually, I expected Katherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas to be my parents, however my wrong timing landed me here) and so I yawned, and the nurse took me back to the nursery.

These are my photographs in the hospital. These pictures were taken by my grandmom and without a camera flash because she was very cautious about my eyes. 


After the hospital……

Life was really cool in the hospital with so many nurses around me all the time. I spent the first seven days of my life there without any problem. And I wanted to spend some more time with the women. So I camouflaged myself with a yellow pigment all over my body, so that the doctor would make mistake thinking it was physiological jaundice. And as I had guessed, my pediatrician (Dr. Goutam Sadhukhan) made the mistake and granted me one more day in the nursery. Thus I succeeded in increasing my stay with the ladies.

However, the next day the senior doctor (Doctor-dadu)  suspected I had struck up an affair with one of the nurses, so he did not let me stay on in the hospital. He actually told the head nurse to figure out which nurse I had struck an affair with(not a bad way to start life, right??) So I had to go home. (sigh)  I returned home and since then, life has been going on in style.


My first home

My first home is actually my grandmom's home, where I stay with my mom, my grandmom and my uncle. Dad comes visiting me once a month and spends few days with me. 

In my first home, I am the boss. Whenever I make a little sound, everyone rushes to attend me. It is really fun to see the adults dancing to my tune. 

The first day at home was hectic. The moment I got down from the car, I was mobbed by the neighbours and relatives. Like other celebrities I was annoyed and decided to ignore them. So, I called my Chief Security Officer (my mom) with a loud wail and she brought me out. 

I spent the afternoon with some really cool people. They are my uncle's friends. I like them a lot, because all of them are in their late teens with funky hair cuts and most of them have some real cool bikes (that is what I like most about them). They promised me that they would take me for a joy ride if my Chief Security Officer gave them green signal. 

  My first picture at my first home. (taken by my mom)


My first few days at home

My day starts at 4:30 AM in the morning and I try to play with my mom. I get bored when I find her trying to feed me with sleepy eyes in stead of playing with me. So, I have to play alone throwing my hands and legs in all directions.

At around 7:30 AM my grandmom (I love to call her Gigi) comes and takes me for a stroll. And as I love crow watching, she feeds the crows so that I can watch from a close distance. Then I play with my uncle for sometime. By 9:00 AM I get so tired that I have to take a break. So, I drink milk and catch a nap. 

11:30 AM is my bath time. Initially I did not like it at all. Later I found it is not that bad. Now I really enjoy the great bath. 

I appointed my grandmom as my hairdresser and I prefer her experienced hands to hold me during the bath to my mom. I really love when she shampoos my hair. After the bath she tries out a new hairstyle everyday. However, my favorite is the David Beckham's previous hairstyle. (Check me in this style, click here). Everyday I try out a new dress. It is a headache for mom to choose the dress from my huge wardrobe (already I have over 200 dresses, can you imagine !!!!)

I sleep for few hours after my bath. Afternoon is the aerobics time. I entertain my grandmom, my mom and the relatives and neighbours who come to see me with my expertise in aerobics. Of course they have to pay for the show as nothing comes free in this material world. Usually I accept only toys, dresses and other interesting accessories from them. 

Then my grandmom and I take a long evening stroll in the balcony. I have changed my mom's evening schedule after my arrival. I never give her a single chance to catch her favorite TV show. Dad thanks me for that, since he will be the sole owner of the TV remote from now on. BTW, I don't object if my uncle switches on any sports channel. I also try to catch few glances of the exciting football matches or the WWF show. (I think these are superb)


My night life

Though I am a morning child, I love nights too. I don't like wasting even a minute sleeping in the night. Calm, silent nights act as a stimulant for me. It really triggers my adrenaline when I found everyone around wants a break from me after 12:30 AM. 

And I believe "Mom's Lap" is the best night club in the town to spend the night. There I drink, I play, I scream and kill time. I object loudly whenever my Chief Security Officer (mom, of course) tries to take me off from that place.

Around 3:00 AM in the morning I am exhausted and so is my Chief Security Officer. So both of us go to sleep for two hours.

Like all celebrities, that's my hectic night life.


My first outings

Officially my first visit outside home was to visit my pediatrician. I know you will say that is not the best place to go for an outing, but I couldn’t help – I had to go to get a few shots. I went out with my mom, grandmom and my uncle. Don’t ask me too much about how the trip was – I slept almost entirely through. Later my mom told me that my first outing was eventful in deed. The car's AC stopped working far away from the doctor's place. The chauffer could not fix it. That was the hottest day of 2003 in Calcutta and the time was 11:30 AM. Now you can imagine how the trip was for all of us!


My first sounds

Well, what appear as sounds to you are actually my words but to the uninitiated, they appear like sounds. I call my grandmom “Gigi” and my uncle as “Aiyeo”. I have still not decided what to call my mom. Deciding what to call my dad is a long way off. When I get hungry, I cry saying "Engaa" and to draw others' attention I say "Eiee"


My first clothes

You might have guessed this – because my parents had gone and bought my shirts before seeing me, they were not my size. But my grandmom hit on something ingenious – she made a couple of shirts for me. My dad had nothing like them ever before, and in his envy he called them “unilateral” shirts. But obviously I didn’t let him wear my stuff – they were really cool. Somewhat halfway between a shirt and a trouser, they fitted me perfectly. The pity is, I have outgrown them already, but my mom has kept them for posterity’s sake. Between you and me - I guess she plans to pass them onto her grandchildren without going through the trouble of stitching anything for them.


My first gifts


I got my first gift from Tanaya-mashi and I got my second gift from Sona-maa and Popeye. My dad and my grandmom went shopping for me the day I was born. But I got those gifts after coming home. They include a few dresses, some great towels, a royal bath tub. I got a new bed mattress and pillows from my grandmom. Some toys from my uncle and my dad. A gold coin from my grandfather (my dad's dad). Few more toys from my uncle's friends. Lots of dresses and bed sheets from Sundor-dida and Sundor-dadu, Radha-dida. Got towels, dresses, nappies and colourful bed sheets from Bordabhai, Bordimoni, Torahmashi, Namita-didu, Shikha-didu, Rina-didu, Mayadidu, Chandana-didu, Kakoli-didu, Chaitali-mashi, Mithu-mashi. Got toys from Didai and Swagata-didu. Got a great baby-gym from Tinni-mashi. Got a cute card and book from Koushik-mama and Archana-mami and a big teddy from Arnab-mama.


The first time I








Smiled was on April 26, 2003 at 10 days of my age 


Rolled over was on May 1, 2003 at 15 days of my age

Rolling over pics : Day 15, Day 21 : (1), (2), (3), (4), (5)

Gurgled was on May 24, 2003 at 1 month 8 days of my age


Laughed was on June 2, 2003 at 1 month 17 days of my age 



My parents


This brings us to a sensitive topic. You would appreciate I cannot express an honest opinion in this matter. In management terms, there is a conflict of interest. But on the whole, my mom seems to be a smart person who can go along with me. About my dad, I am quite sure I can make him go along with me. My logic is - if I can manipulate my mom, she can take care of my dad.


My family tree

 Grandmother Grandfather    Grandmother Grandfather
Gopa Datta Nitish Ranjan Dutt    Mira Ganguli Manindra Ganguli










 Aritra Dutta


Madhumita Ganguly



  My mother

My father

 Suchetana Dutta

Mouli Nath Ganguli










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Thank me for letting you visit my cyber abode. If you like it, appreciate my genius. If you don’t like it, blame it on my parents.

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