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I am working toward my Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in E-Education at the University of Phoenix Online.  Following is the course listing for this degree.  You'll also see links to the course description and outline.

Courses taken to date . . .

EDD511   Adult Learning: Theories, Principles & Applications

EDTC550 Information Technology

CUR524   Instructional Design

EDTC526 Assessment & Evaluation in E-Education

QNT540   Research & Ethics in E-Education

EDTC555 Internet & Distance Education Delivery

EDTC560 Applications of Multimedia & Web Page Design (in progress)

(Sample project from this course)


Courses yet to come . . .

EDTC570 Courseware Authoring (07/03/2003)

EDTC575 E-Education in the Global Environment (08/21/2003)

EDTC590 E-Education Capstone (10/09/2003)


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