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This assortment of personal and professional links are some of my favorite Web sites . . .
bulletThis is the web site for the national chapter of ASTD.  I'm a national chapter member through May 2004 and will then transfer my membership to the local chapter.
bulletDelivery Technologies for Multimedia
bulletThis site is a project site of a group of students from Boise State University.
bulletDigital Blasphemy
bulletThis is my absolute favorite source for wallpapers!
bulletThe eLearning Guild
bulletThis site provides great information and was recommended to me by a friend in the business.
bulletMary Kay
bulletThis is my personal Mary Kay Web Site.  I am a Mary Kay consultant and use my website to communicate with my customers.  Please let me know if there is anything you might be interested in J
bulletNational City Mortgage
bulletThis is the home page for the company where I work.
bulletNCM Learning Center
bulletI am the e-Learning Divisional Coordinator for several divisions at National City Mortgage.  This is our learning management system.  Please take a moment to browse our site.
bulletMy favorite training magazine.
bulletTruth or Fiction
bulletThis is where I go when I get those "scare" emails!  Then I tell people to quit sending them since they are NEVER true J
bulletUniversity of Phoenix Online
bulletThis is the homepage for the University of Phoenix Online where I am pursuing a Masters of Arts in Education with a concentration in Distance Learning.
bulletWeb Style Guide
bulletI found this site when searching for a video to place on my website.

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