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Welcome to my Web site!

Hi!  My name is Melissa Gallman.

I live in a small town outside of Dayton, Ohio on a 25-acre farm, which we don't farm.  My husband and I have been married 17 years and have two children, a boy and a girl ages 6½  and 3½.  Our house is an old tobacco barn that we've rebuilt and remodeled as we've lived in it over the last ten years.  It took us ten years almost to the day to get to the point where I could unpack the last of our boxes from moving J.  I also have a personal business with Mary Kay Cosmetics that I run in my spare time (what’s that???).

I work as the e-Learning Divisional Coordinator with National City Mortgage in Miamisburg, Ohio.  I actually train face-to-face on several subjects including introduction to computers and Franklin-Covey’s time management course “Focus.” For more information about my career, please see my resume.

In January of 2002, we launched an e-learning system and I am the point person for approximately 2,000 employees for registration, guidance, and development for on-line courses.  I am developing courseware in a software called DazzlerMax, which we use to develop our own courses.  We are in the development phase for several online courses at this point: HMDA, Corporate Overview, and Sexual Harassment Awareness.  I also co-administer for the site and have responsibilities including intracompany negotiations relative to access, special purchases of shelf courses, and defining and scoping enhancements to our site.

I have an AAS in Executive Secretarial and have taken courses in programming:  Cobol, Fortran, and Basic.  I earned my BA in Humanities from Antioch University’s McGregor School, which is Antioch’s adult education program.  My journey around the world and through time with the World Classics program literally changed my life.  We read and explored great literature from every major period of man’s history as well as from most of the great religions of the world.  It really broadened my perspective on people and the world we live in.

I am currently a student in an online university, the University of Phoenix Online, working toward an MA in Education with a concentration in Distance Learning.

My previous business experience includes working in a quality assurance group in the printing industry; as office manager in a coal sales firm; as office manager in a commercial real estate company; as a printing coordinator for a telephone book publisher where some of my major clients were Anchorage, AK; Cincinnati, OH; and Lincoln, NE; and in direct insurance sales in the life and health market.

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