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. r . u . l . e .s.

:: Rule 1 Skateboardin is the best sport ever! Quoted by me, Tomi A! Oh yeah wazzup Julien, Vaughn, Reese, Tony, Declan and Sian!

:: Rule 2 Don't call us skate bums, we sk8 but we don not live on the street, therefore we are not bums.

:: Rule 3 We don't have to wear our pads if we don't want to...

:: Rule 4We dont just have to like punk rock and avril lavigne to sk8. Who cares if we lik pop, r&b or hip hop....

:: Rule 5We dont have to wear "sk8 bum" clothes to sk8, we can wear what we please. Nike or Avirex ain't just for thugz and townies.

:: Rule 6 All thes rules have to be followed my people who wnat to join my club.

:: Rule 7 There shall be know bad language used on this site, if so then you will be kicked out.

:: Rule 8 You don't have to sk8 to join but you have to like sk8boarding.

:: Rule 9You don't have to know me to join.

:: Rule 10 No one under the age of 10 can join.
:: Rule 11No one over age 18 can join ]

:: Rule 12 There are no more rules! ]

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