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The Vinchenso Family.

the Vinchenso family has been thought a lot but the last 6 months have been the most meaning full. it all started when Godfather Vinchenso took on me to help his start a small time mafia group called the NEOmob. the family was successful and surprisingly attacked 30 members. about a month later we found another mafia group called Italian mafia men who had stolen our layout made by our own loyal member. they were shut down by us and re grouped secretly. they used the same stolen layout and gained them selves some power they broke the Vinchenso family up and we re-grouped as the Vinchenso Family. Italian mafia men was now known as the Salieri family. they found us out when we were week and demanded contact. we were now in contact and allies with the Salieri family.
our alliance went through some bumps however our power grew. We thought that we were the only mafia around. one of salieris men was James Latini who I got very close to. i convinced him to destroy Salieri and start his own family. he did this and the Latini family was born. Latini and I shut down the Salieri family. Mr.salieri was outraged and showed us both how wrong we were in wiping him out. we allowed his to return and begin his family again.

allot happened in that time but Salieri latini and I were allies and we assumed the only Dons. then we found out about the Calzone family and from them we found the coleone. 

the mafia presents has grew but the originals remain. We have learned to stick together and despite the regular fights we have we always do what's in the best interest of the mafia. we honour our past yet believe in moving on. we have learned show no weakness. as Alphonse Capone once said " you can go a long way in life with a smile, but even further with e smile and a gun"