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The Gangster Times

The Salieri Hit
"I went to talk to the family and it just wasn't there, I thought I had been kicked out" Al_carpone
"He disappeared completely no guild, no mail" _don_vinchenso_. it was early morning when it was discovered that the Salieri family had been hit badly and that Joseph Salieri was no where to be found. It was not clear who hit the Salieri family and even know it is not certain who it was.   
The members split apart and from this hit a new family emerged. the nandrolone family was born but the damage to the Salieri family had already been done. we have spoken to don Salieri and he is taking a break now from the mafia spot light to recover from this hit that shook the mafia families so badly. It is asked that no one goes looking for Mr Salieri until he is ready to face the lights again



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Prizes: new giveaway, 5 codestones to highest weekly donator
bad_boi_at_play87 was hacked and although he is a new ally please send items to _don_vinchenso_ so that we can help him to his feet