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The Gangster Times

Crushing Rusilli
The Vinchenso Family announced today that The Rusilli Don is former Vinchenso 18axe18. representatives say that although the family was fooled for a wile the evidence become clear and he confessed that he was the cowardly don. the problem arose when 18axe18 replaced the layout with a threat.    the Vinchenso reacted quick decision to declare war on don Rusilli. so we are now in a mob war and the Vinchensos will crush him easy. It has also been clear that the don Rusilli admitted to being gay making his family a homosexual guild. It has also been made clear that most of his members are spys.



please get more members for our mob war with the Rusilli family. although it wont take long

Give Away.

This weeks give away is a race to riches scratch card. to enter buy something from the donation shop