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The Five Entities

The five entities are those responsible for the creation of Luna-Selhi, but four of them were also responsible for The Battle of the Ancients.

Gender: Female
Luna, unlike the other four entities appears more human than creature. Luna was the one who created the planet and brought the four creatures into existance. When it was needed, she created the Senjeri Academy and formed the Party of Ten.

Gender: Female
Phoenail would describe the devil in looks, but she is actually quite kind. She created the caves and the badlands.

Gender: Male
Wolrein is strong and serious. The look on his face spells courage, just like the wolves. Wolrein created the rivers and cold weather.

Gender: Female
Unikron is kind and gentle, and is not usually the one to pick a fight. She created the forests and meadows.

Gender: Male
Dracile, like Wolrein, is strong and serious, but not as good at holding his temper. He created the mountains and hot weather.