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Defend your Foxhole!

First, you put one player in the bunker/foxhole with the best weapon available. Depending on the amount of players, there may be one person in the foxhole, or there may be one person + a spotter( the spotter won't be able to fire, but he can spot targets for the first person). So then the ppl who aren't in the foxhole try to assault the foxhole without getting killed. Theoretically, the person in the foxhole should be evenly matched with the other ppl because he has high ground, fortified posistion, good weapons, but even so thats not always the case because they tend to focus on one or two ppl, so they forget about the others who can sneak up on them. So, because of this, the person in the foxhole has two "Lives" so they can get hit twice.

One time we played 3 vs. 1, and that was a little lop sided. The team who was attacking the foxhole took the foxhole with no casualties. The second time we did it, we had 2 vs.2, with one person in the foxhole and one spotter with him. Although the spotter wasn't able to fire back, he can grab the weapon of the other if he gets killed. When we played it with these conditions it was alot more fair, b/c the teams were balanced. The spotter was the first to go, and then it was a matter of time before the second one died.

I would recommend playing this scenario with 5 people, so you can have 2 vs. 3. ( two in the foxhole, 3 attacking)

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