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Ok, so I’ve gotten around to writing a review of my UHC M9 finally.
Statistics: Magazine: 22 rounds. Range (.2): 80 feet, (.12): 120 feet. Hop-up,
Open-ejection port, double-action. Price: 23.99 (Airsoft Atlanta)

Looks: This gun looks very nice and realistic in spite of the fact that it is an airsoft replica. There is only one UHC logo on the whole gun, and it only says Made in Taiwan once as well. There are also some clever logo parodies that help make this gun look realistic. On the real M9, there is the normal berretta logo on the grip. On the airsoft version they changed the normal berretta logo (three arrows) into three swords. On the slide of the gun they also have US Military 6mm. However, besides these parodies, there are many fun things that make this gun look cool, such as the double-action hammer, open-ejection port, and the realistic feel of the gun. There are many little doodads on the gun that don’t do anything and are only there because they are there on the real gun. Finally, on my M9 there is only about 1 cm of orange tip on it.

Performance: This pistol shoots very well for a pistol the range is usually around 80 feet when using .2 bb’s. The hop-up is supposed to be set for .12’s but it is too powerful,
so if you use .12 ammo, the bb’s will fly up. You do get increased range, but it is harder to aim, since you have to account for the hop up. In order to nullify the hop-up you can use .20’s. This way the gun shoots straight and is easier to aim. Also, the bb isn’t affected by the wind quite as much as .12 ammo. However, when using .2 ammo, the range goes down to around 80 feet as I said before and the FPS is a little slower. This gun is pretty accurate; I was able to score a 9/10 on a standard NRA target at 72 feet. Once in a skirmish, I was able to nail Inferno right between the eyes at 50 feet. The sights on the gun are pretty standard it uses normal pistol sights. These make it very easy to acquire the target but you sacrifice accuracy. Also, you may need to paint some white-out on the front sight, this makes it easier to aim. Overall, this is a very nice pistol performance wise.

Design: There are a few flaws in the design of the m9; most that are directly inherited from the TM version, because the UHC version is basically a TM clone. One of these is a annoying magazine design. First of all, you have to load each bb one by one, and as you compress the spring it gets harder to insert the bb. After 17 rounds it is painful to force them in and in order to get a full magazine you must use a hard surface to force the bb in. Also, if you push down on the bb’s in the magazine while the spring is compressed, the bb’s will all shoot out. This hasn’t happened to me very much, but when it does it is very annoying. When anybody does this on accident we tell them that they “pulled a spetsnazgg” (I resent that remark! –Spetsnazgg) because once he did this and sprayed the whole mag into a pond. There is only one other significant design flaw that I have noticed, and that is the non-working safety. The M9 has a safety of sorts, but practically, its only good for looks. You see, if you engage the safety, and then pull the trigger, the trigger will break off. It stops you from firing I guess, but also makes you get a new gun! Otherwise the M9 has a great design, and these flaws I mentioned don’t really take that much away from the gun. The M9 has a nice ejection port, excellent for realism and maintenance. Also, this gun is easily field stripped, with the shortest time for field stripping being around 9 seconds I believe. Another cool feature is that the M9 is double action, meaning that if you pull the trigger, the hammer will pull back, then release. Again, this is for realism, but it is very cool looking. Finally, the M9 has hop-up of course

Feel/Durability: The UHC M9 Heavyweight is a very solid gun, and is capable of withstanding multiple impacts. I have dropped my gun a couple of times and the only consequence of this was getting my gun dirty. Of course, dropping it repeatedly will break it over time as any gun, but a few accidental drops won’t hurt it. The HW version is much more durable compared to the LW version. The HW version weighs about 1.5 pounds while the LW version weighs only .5 pounds. One of the keys to this is that the HW version has lead weights in the grip, as well as having heavier magazines. Along with being heavier, the HW is also built with better plastic. Unlike the LW version, the HW version is made with ABS plastic, which is more durable and doesn’t have that shiny plasticky look to it.

The UHC M9 is a very good pistol for the money and I highly recommend it. It is quite capable as a side arm, and if you are skilled enough can sometimes match up to rifles. However, it is still a pistol, so don’t expect to get rifle performance out of it. The one problem that arises from the M9 being such a good pistol for the price is that it is very popular, so if you don’t like having the same gun as other people, then you will have trouble. Overall, this is a very good gun, and is defiantly worth your money. I give it a 4.5/5


Comment on this review

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