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This turned out to be my first spring pistol. I bought this gun based on the positive reviews I've read, and for the most part it has held up. I'm not going to hold anything back on this review. I feel sometimes people that own a particular gun tend to promote it and make it seem superior over all others. This review is going to be as TRUTHFUL as possible.

First Impression
When I opened the lid to the box of my brand new UHC M9 I was a happy Eskimo. Judging it from the box, the gun looked near real. I decided to pick it up out of the box and I was shocked at how heavy it was. The box claimed it to be 1.35 pounds. The majority of the weight comes from the grips, which contain lead weights. By doing this it made the gun feel unbalanced. The design of the slide is very comfortable. There are no signs of it ripping it away at your hand at anytime. On the grips they have a logo of 3 swords and the words "MIL 23350" around the top, and "U.S. MILITARY" along the bottom. The finish on the slide is much different then the frame. I believe the slide is made with ABS plastic giving it a more realistic look and feel. There are unofficial trademarks saying "U.S. Military 6mm x 22 -23509" on each side of the slide. The safety on the slide is non-functional, the actual safety is the slide lock lever located on the left side of the gun. The barrel, frame, and magazine have the same semi-matte finish. There is only one marking on the frame and that would be the serial number reading "F23509A". The magazine can hold a maximum of 22 bb's which has to be loaded one at a time. Along the left side of the magazine there are markings saying "CAL. 6mm x 22 MADE IN TAIWAN".

Loading the magazine one bb at a time takes quite awhile, but it has a positive side. First of all you can take out the magazine without losing any bb's unlike some KWC magazines. It depends what you're using it for, I would recommend buying extra magazines if you're going to skirmish with it. To get the most accurate shooting test (not realistic), I decided to shoot indoors. From 30ft away I was able to make 3-4in groupings with .20g bb's. It could easily hit a man size target. Recently my UHC M9 has been weakening over time (I have noticed this a bit with mine as well, but a bit of lube will help-Shriak). Not from constant use or abuse but from unknown things. From what I read UHC M9's are prone to breaking on the tabs behind the piston. BEWARE!!

There are several features to this gun. The most noticeable is the open ejection port, double action trigger, and safety. On top of that there are limited numbers of parts that are actually metal. For example, the guide rod and grip screws are metal and that’s about it. But UHC has also added another nice feature. There is a take down lever located on the left side of the gun. To do this first: 1) Lock hammer back. 2) Pull straight down on take down lever. 3) Pull out both the take down lever and pin. 4) Push forward on the rear of the slide until its about 1/2 inch forward. 5) Pull straight up until the slide comes apart from the frame.
From here you can access and take apart whatever you want. To put back the slide follow the steps going backward.

It's not a bad gun for $22(AA and most other sites upped the price to 27 I believe-Shriak). In terms of reliability and build quality (except tabs) it's excellent. Accuracy and power can and will vary. It mainly depends on the life of the gun. I've had mine for about 6 months and have put 1,000 rounds through it, but its still wearing down. There are so many guns on the market now that you can get between the price ranges of $25-30 that are much better then the UHC M9. But if you still want a Berretta then I would recommend it.


Comment on this Review

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