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TM S&W PC-356

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Alright, I just got a PC356 off of ebay yesterday. The thing is super sweet. I dont like 2-tone guns, but the finish on this gun is amazing for any springer, I'm pretty sure WA made this gun and TM just put its name on the side. Heh. Anyway, heres the shortest review of anything, ever.

Looks: 9
Now, I got mine off Ebay and it had no orange other than the little rubber barrel blocker condom thingy. This is the way all guns should come, red for transport, black for combat. I'm not going to say the seller because if they can get in trouble for that, thatd be awful. It has perfect trademarks, they match the ones on my Smith semi-auto 9mm. There is a trademark "SMITH & WESSON" on the left side of the slide, and both sides of the grip around where your thumb and index finger rest. Everything that is silvery on it it beautiful, especially the ejector port cover, that part is perfect. The cover says "356 TSW" and "PERFORMANCE" under that. The right side of the reciever has the Performance Center circle. Everything about the clip is really good looking, it sports 2 trademarks, "456 TS&W" and the Performance Center circular mark found on all of Smith's target ready pistols. The left side of the reciever has what I am assuming is a fake serial number "TSW1013". The front of the gun looking at the barrel is awesome, the barrel is chrome inside and out and it really makes the rifled barrel stick out noticeably and looks just like Smith's barrels. The black parts of the gun however are just .. flat black, which definately works, but isnt PERFECT, so I cant go an give the gun a 10 out of 10 for looks.

Build Quality: 9
This puppy isnt made out of metal or anything, but the recoil guide is (the rod under the barrel that guides the slide in action). Im pretty sure its made of steel, and it has a shiny chrome finish to it just like the entire barrel. That is a really nice addition, it helps add a bunch of rigidity to the gun, and some weight up front. The gun is VERY well balanced because of it, it just lays there in your hand and screams PULL MY TRIGGER! It is light however (not as strangely light as a MK-23 or USP however) like all Marui's, but when you carry it around in a 24 hour game, you will kiss it for being that way. It is more dense than any of my springers (shhhh pretend I dont have a KWC Deagle) and is awesome, for a springer. Although when I take over the world, all springers will be made of exactly what the real gun is. For now though, this gun gets a 9 for not being made of steel, which nobody can really expect from any gun anyway. Except revolvers... why aren't airsoft revolvers made of steel?!

Operation: 8 (10 if you believe in performance over gadgets)
This thing just works very very well. The clip holds 30 rounds, and slides in extremely easily. The clip ejection button is the best designed non-ambidextrous button ever, it is very big and easy to press in, but only when want it to. I dont even understand how you could accidentally drop the clip, because you need to push it a good distance to get the clip to pop. The slide operation is very smooth and also short and fast. The ejection port opens to easily clear any jam you might ever have, or if you want to put that one bb in in a mad frenzy during a shootout. And as I said before, the gun is perfectly balanced and just lays in your hand. You can pull your hand away and have it rest on your middle finger and you can say "Wooooooooo, its automagically balanced!" Although like almost ALL springers, the latches and switches do nothing. Just like the USP the safety only locks the gun when the hammer is back, but the slide lock is the "safety" on this gun.. Not realistic at all. There is no slidelock. If you have owned Marui's before you can understand what I am about to say. Little switches break, the more parts of the gun you can have molded in place the more solid the gun is going to be and the better it is going to perform. This gun is made to just do its job and do it well, not have holes cut in the slide to put on little safeties and doo-dads. So what if all the switches dont do what they do in real-life? Your Marui is the best performing gun out there and kicks the living whatever out of everything else. Rock on Marui.

Performance: 10
I hate to admit it... it is sad. It kicks the poo out of my MK-23 and my KWC Deagle. This is the most accurate springer I've ever fired, next to Marui spring rifles. Definately the most accurate spring pistol of all the ones I've ever fired (thats a lot, I'm a springer man and have owned over 20). The range is perfect for whatever I'd ever want to do with it. We own 3 acres of land at this house and from the porch I can shoot a bb completely flat and hit a human sized target 75 feet away 100% of the time. I use a jug at 75 feet to test my .22's and airguns with. I sight things in at 50 feet then see how they do at 75 which is the farthest I've ever had to pop a squirrel at. Anyway, I aim at the jug (about the size of a head) and the bb just goes straight out to it, then less than 2 feet away from it begins to drop or roll or whatever hop-upped bb's do after then effective range and hit the "jugman" in the middle of the chest or head at least 90% of the time, and never ever have I missed the tree it is nailed to which is only a foot across. At 70 feet or less, you can EASILY get a headshot which until now was completely rediculous with any airsoft spring pistol I've ever fired. I don't know the FPS, but I dont really care. I can hit a guy in the face if I want to... Something that probably effects this most is that the gun is very solid for a springer and the sites are always lined up with that barrel. Also, NO ORANGE PAINT EVER TOUCHED THIS THING. Orange paint down your innerbarrel doesn't really help for accuracy.. ask my KWC Deagle that I spent 2 hours scratching and adding chemicals to to make new just to have to go an regrease the thing to get it to resemble anything "new". Stupid orange paint.

Not Having Orange Paint: 10
Yes, it had no orange paint. It gets a 10. 10afied. 10tastic.

I didnt just go out and throw 10's at this gun because its a new gun and I'm just drooling over it. It really is a very very good gun. The internals are identical in function to the ones in my MK-23 just smaller, but I can tell from that that this gun is going to be very durable and perform for me well into the future. Nothing about it is flimsy, the PC356 is very tight and yet loose enough to operate smoothely... this is the 1911 of springers. It does its job and does it better than anything else. If you get $40-$50 you are willing to put into a springer, don't overlook the Marui PC356. And if you have $20-30 you want to spend on a spinger... find $20-30 more and get it already, geez!

~Pat O'Connor

Comment on this Review

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