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KWC P226

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I always loved the way real steel Sig handguns looked and the P226 is one of my favorites. So I found this KWC P226 with the actual Sig Sauer trademarks. It has been a superb spring pistol. Here is my detailed review of the KWC P226.

The KWC P226 looks a little too shiny and plastic like, but that is to be expected from a gun that is almost entirely made of plastic. The licensed trademarks read "Sig Sauer Sig Arms Inc. Herndon-VA." It also has a serial number which is 21123626. I think the trademarks are a big plus. Maybe it's just my personal preference, but trademarks are usually a very nice feature for a gun to have. The finish on the gun is very good;it is smooth but a little shiny. The grips are good, they have a checkered pattern so it will not slip out of your hand.

Features and Functions-
This P226 does not have a lock back slide, but it can be modded to have a locking slide(email me for details). It doesn't have an open ejection port. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have an open ejection port because it doesn't look right when you pull the slide back or when it is modded for the slide to lock back. It offers a functioning safety lever that works very well. The gun is also field strippable, and also has Hop Up as do most other KWC spring pistols do. The magazine slides into the gun very easily and makes a nice click sound. The slide pull it short and smooth, very smooth. The trigger is nice and light with a relatively short trigger pull. It is not a very heavy pistol but it is a very good for the $20-$30 price tag. The magazine is very well made and designed, but it is lacking in one department, mag cap. The magazine holds 12 rounds and 13 after you use the mag for a while. It is capable of holding 14 rounds(this is due to the spring wearing out-shriak). It also has a quick load feature where all you do is pull the tab in the side down. It locks in place, you hold the top of the magazine down and pour in the bbs. If you were going to skirmish with this I'd suggest you get at least 2 extra magazines. The sights on this gun are extremely good. The front sight has a white dot in the middle so target acquisition is quick and easy. The grip on this gun is very comfortable, it feels like the gun was molded to fit my hand. Maybe that is just me but it feels like it was custom made to fit my hand. The gun is easy to maneuver and carry around since it is not very heavy.

Accuracy, Range, and Power-
I would not recommend using .12g bbs in this gun; they fly up way to much to be of any use. Heavier .2g bbs are recommended for best accuracy results. The KWC P226 is a very powerful spring pistol. It will shoot a .2g bb right through one side of a coke can and almost go through the other side. The maximum range for hitting human sized targets is 70+ft with .2g bbs. As an estimate, I would say the KWC P226 shoots a .2g bb at 220-230(according to the coke can test, this isn't correct if it can penetrate a coke can-shriak) feet per second. These estimates may be wrong as I do not have a real chronograph to get the exact feet per second ratings, I used the coke can test to guess at the feet per second.

Skirmish Testing-
I recently had a little backyard springer battle last Saturday with 6 people and I successfully took out 2 enemies from about 60 feet with the trusty KWC P226. That was the end of me in that game...I got shot because there was a third guy behind a bush and I wasn't paying attention and I got shot from about 40 feet with a HFC M16A2. I'll get him next Saturday

I just went out today and did a little test between the KWC P226 and the HFC P226. The KWC obviously looks better because of the real Sig Sauer trademarks. The HFC is really heavy compared to the KWC. The HFC also has more features such as a working slide lock and the open ejection port, also it has more metal parts, and more metal parts means its heavier. The KWC P226 easily beat out the HFC in power and accuracy. The HFC's Hop Up is calibrated for .12g light weight bbs while the KWC's Hop Up is set for .2g heavier bbs. Heavier bbs are more accurate because the are less likely to get thrown off target by wind and other factors. The HFC has more magazine capacity though. These two spring pistols have their good and bad points, they kind of bounce off each other though. The HFC holds more ammo; the KWC is more accurate but holds less ammo; the HFC has a working slide lock and open ejection port,and the KWC has real Sig Sauer markings. If these two pistols were crossed together it would be an awesome spring pistol. I like both, but I like the KWC a little more because of the real Sig trademarks.

This is a very well built spring pistol. It is great for springer battles, if you have a few extra mags.
For the $20-$30 price tag at most online retailers it is a very good buy. It should last for a long time if it is taken care of. Although it  is made almost entirely out of plastic, I have dropped it a few times accidentally and it has been fine so far. I'd recommend this to anybody looking for a new springer pistol, someone just starting out, because it is such a reliable gun. I've never had one bb out of the thousands I've shot through it fail to load or fire a bb, it is ultra reliable. I would recommend the HFC P226 just as much as the KWC but some people say HFC has some QC issues, you might get a bad one and end up with a piece of junk. I've had many HFC guns and they have been great as well but a few people report bad experiences with HFC products. Every KWC spring gun I've owned has preformed beautifully. With KWC getting a bad gun is highly unlikely and is unlikely with a HFC as well; KWC has great QC from my expeirences with their fine products. My KWC P226 has been wonderful so far. I would like a good P226 GBB, but the are more expensive and hard to find (Overseas) But I highly recommend the KWC P226.

~Seth-Advantage Airsoft

Comment on this Review

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