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KWC 1911A1 UG

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So here is how it goes. Run to the door on my hands, and accept the package from the UPS man with my feet, skittering away like a crab.

Jumping for joy, I open the box and... DAMN - a manual! I ripped the manual out, determined to hold my baby, instructions be damned! What a thing of beauty. Staring at me is a pistol I have been lusting over for months. So, let us begin.

Initial Impressions -
Wow. Not the kind of wow you say when you get a plate full of steamed Alaskan crab, either. The slide is a dark matte black, as well as the frame. The only thing that bothers me is the compensator being a bright orange. Upon closer observation, the front sight can come off with the use of a small flathead screwdriver, and the whole compensator can come off when the big screw ( positioned level with the guide rod ) is taken off. Further down the slide are the markings of a goddess - Model 1911A1, Cal .45., and the serial number 99082321. No KWC markings or anything, except for a small one on the right side of the frame. The ejection port, although not open, is beautifully crafted in a brushed aluminum finish, but I THINK it is plastic. No worries though, it is tough. The rear of the slide is graced with 19 grooves to grip when cocking it, and the ELEVATION ADJUSTABLE ( by a large flathead screwdriver ) ( w00t ) rear sights help for both an extra cocking surface and as a method to get more accurate long-range shots. The top of the slide is rounded with 8 longitudal grooves along the top. As for the lower frame, it is a thing of beauty. The grip safety is not too hard to press in - if it isn't in, you ain't holding it right. That's what told my pal when he smuggled my baby away from me that he was doin' it wrong. I showed him how to hold it, and then promptly beat him over the head with a large sock. The manual safeties are wonderful - and ambidextrous, clicking into place with a hearty 'CHICK'. The slide lock is a bit far forward for my use, but then again, this was modeled after National Match race models, not intended to have the slide lock used. The magazine release is smooth, and well placed, as is the wonderfully smooth trigger. It is a bit heavy for my tastes, but it still tastes mighty fine. A straight pull-back, with 3 holes in it to lighten the overall weight of the gun. There are a few grooves in the trigger blade, which greatly help in wet situations, but a metal trigger in the cold is a pain (at least it won't break when the safty is on though-shriak) . There is 20/30 LPI checkering on the thick plastic pistol grip ( front and back ), and 20LPI on the side grip panels which looks very much like wood. The hammer is very good looking against the boxy rear frame. All of this combined makes for one sexy pistol.

Down and Dirty -
So I pick it up, and Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It is HEAVY, especially compared to my friends KWC Glock 17 - hell, it nearly equals his KWC Desert Eagle, just with half the size. The hammer is nice and stiff ( the spring, that is... ), and the grip safety smoothly disengages when you hold the gun normally. Everything is tight, the only wobble being the slide lock ( no spring to keep it down - elaboration on this later ). So, I rack the slide back, which isn't VERY far, and let is snap forward. Smooth music...just that - jazz. The sound of the slide was jazz. Additionally, the barrel and guide rod become exposed, showing off that SEXY chrome finish. I fire, and DAMN - it sounds just like my friends HFC MP5A3 - smooth! It fired with a 'phut!' So, I load up 12 BBs ( the magazine, which is ALL metal except for the follower, is easy to load. Lock the follower down, hold a tab back, and pour BBs in ). I point it, and BOOM.

100 feet downrange in 20MPH winds, the BB comes within 5 feet of the target ( windage ). Not too amazing, until you factor the wind in. Additionally, it OVERHOPPED .2g BBs! You will need .25 or higher for this gun ( the aluminum ones are DEADLY accurate, and claw thru brush like a beast ). I fire the rest off, and they all went very high. Okay, so I tried .12s, and lost them in the sky. No hope.

I dropped the magazine out, and it landed on my toe. Great, and not great - sounded wonderful, but felt like all hell.

I got the slide off, and got a glimpse of the construction. Turns out, the pin that the slide lock lever rotates on can pop right on out, and the slide will come right off. Takes an arm, leg, liver and testicle to do it, though. There are many metal parts in the trigger mech - the piston housing, and a few other things are plastic, but I suppose it will hold up to a few years worth of my use. I also found out that you can make the pistol grip/magazine look almost like the GI issue one. By removing one pin, you can slip out the tapered base, and by removing one screw you can take that block off of the magazine base, so as to have a flat floorplate.

In Battle -
I actually coaxed my friend ( former/inactive member of my team ) to play a small game with me - my first two shots were aimed at him from 50 feet. They both would have hit dead on, partially because I aimed low, but they hit branches. Fvck. My next two, and only other aimed shots went thru a pine tree ( missed his goggles by a millimeter or two ) and again when he was running away to reload ( both from 50 feet ).

On the other hand, half of my shots overhopped WAY high, and I missed shots at 50-60 feet. The slide lock worked flawlessly, except when I racked the slide upside down. Because the lock has no return spring, it locked on a full magazine. Not a BIG deal, but it will be something to watch out for in heated battles.

Here are my conclusions:
1) This pistol is awesome for normal battles, even vs. A-15s and XMs
2) It has many useful controls and operations
3) It performs wonderfully with .25g ammo or higher - .2s and below overhop
4) It is well worth the $70 I spent to get this from Shorty USA ( ordered on Friday and arrived today )

1) Very accurate and powerful
2) Dead sexy. Can give wood to anybody.
3) Very tough and reliable
4) Concealable due to single-stacker frame
5) Many user-adjustable components
6) Most of the goodies ( slide lock, hopup, metal parts, etc. )

1) Many controls is not a good thing for the inexperienced to use in a heated battle
2) Only 12 rounds, but hell, Less is more.(wtf? my M9 holds 22-shriak)
3) No open ejection port
4) To take a loaded mag out is to loose 2 BBs


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