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HFC Beretta 92 Compensated (Super Elite)

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Well, since it appears my review submitted to Airsoft Core, may never reach (oh well. Things happen, stuff gets lost) I'll write another review of the HFC Beretta 92 compensated (super elite) since there appears to be SOME interest in it.

It looks just like a standard 92, except it has a rail unit and a 2inch compensator on the end(Imagine Tomb Raider-shriak). There are no trademarks, aside from the HFC ones, which aren't really noticable on the black slide. The safety is molded on, but there is a nice red dot, showing it on "fire." The slide catch appears to have a slightly larger surface (detailed after the US-military M9?). There are some seam lines on the barrel and grip, and with my version it doesn't quite fit around, resulting in a slight gap on in the middle of the finger groves. The biggest problem though is the rail and compensator are molded in a dark grey color, which doesn't match the black of the gun. Annoying, but you get over it.

Be aware that this pistol is meant to use .12 gram bbs. .2g cause a very noticable droop. I'd estimate its speed to be around 220 or 230, but I dont have any real scientific chronos. Just know that you're getting a springer, so dont expect anything more than a springer pistol is capable of.  Accuracy is decent; I can hit a mansized target at 25 feet.

The gun is loud, and you'd expect more power from something of that decible.

The slide catch is again given the role of the safety, and is made of metal. To engage the safety you push it up, but its a little tough to do using just my thumb, so it normally stays unused.

It feels to have a solid construction and has enough metal parts in it so it doesn't feel like a toy (unlike the HGHU socom). There is a slight flex in the slide, but it feels solid when using it. The hammer and trigger are metal, giving it a nice feel when cocking the hammer, and the trigger pull is a little heavy for a springer, but nothing killer. The compensator is purely for looks since the innerbarrel ends at the end of the barrel (though the guiding rod extends all the way to the end of the compensator). The clip is weighted, but is shaped so it only can be used on the HFC beretta (about halfway up, it slims in). There is a hole on side, to pour bbs in when the spring is held down. Capacity is around 14, using a semi doublestack method.


This took me a while to figure out, given that I'm so used to my KJW metal M9. You first must take out the two screws on the rail. The compensator should just slide off. Remove the mag. You then press the release button the right side of the gun(right above the trigger guard), and rotate the release lever on the left side of the gun 90 degrees clockwise. Remove/push out/pull out the Release lever, and the slide should come off.

Final and side thoughts:

I originally got this hoping to cannibalize it for a rail, compensator and guiding rod for my KJW metal beretta. Well, unless you want to drill a hole on the bottom of your metal M9, as well as widening your metal slide to accept the wider springer guiding rod AND working the end of the guiding rod to accept into the barrel of the metal m9 it's not going to work. Doable, but a little too much work for me at this point.

As a springer, the rail helps a lot if you want to customize your springer and adds a different, more intimidating look to your field. But try not to pay more than 25 bucks for it. Its not really worth the 30 unless you really want a the look.

Rail unit
20-25 dollars
Nice heft for a springer

Seam lines/gaps
Compensator/rail color doesn't match gun
Innerbarrel doesn't extend to end of the comp.

Metal parts:
Trigger, Slide release(safety), hammer, innerbarrel, screws, weights in clips and gun.


Comment on this Review

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