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3PSA Sig Sauer Pro 2340

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Out of The Box
The box wasn't anything fantastic. There was all of two pieces of paper explaining how to charge the spring,eject and load the magazine as well as some .12 BBs. The back of the box showed off various other Sigs I could purchase, I guess if I was interested in 'completing the set' or something on my wall.

I'm happy with the weight. Almost all of it is due to the magazine, which yes, makes for one hell of a heavy magazine but the complete package feels nice in the hand. The surface is adorned with authentic trademarks, and are probably some of the best I've seen on a mid-high-price springer. No serial number, though, so I guess we can't have everything. The barrel's orange tip juts out from the slide - it's just extra plastic, so if you're into realism or just hate the color orange you've got options to remove it if you so chose. I like the way the Pro looks compared to the P226 or P228. This is just a personal preference. Trigger-related parts are metal. Except for the giant-ass "3P" logo on the right side, very nice in appearance.

Authenticity remains the operative word. Magazine release (reversable for left-handers, if you feel like opening the frame), slide catch, de-cocking lever (doesn't actually do its job, but it's fun to pretend you believe in gun safety), open ejection port, and fun double-action hammer movement. The magazine grip rest does come off so you can tinker with the parts inside it, and while I haven't had a chance to compare measurements with the real-steel I suspect this might give the option of using an alternative (and slightly more comfortable) piece here.

What don't I like about the airsoft-equivalent of this gun? There's an on-frame safety that can be found between the accessory rails,that's cool I guess, but the real Sig Pro doesn't have this. I'm also kind of bugged by how it doesn't strip apart almost exactly like the real version, instead of the slide having to be almost completely back for the slide catch lever / takedown lever to come out of the frame (a nice safety feature for a double-duty mechanical piece), you can just pop it out any time you wish by poking at it from the other side with something like the end of needlenose pliars. The slide catch lever is plastic, too, and while the most important part seems strong enough the arm itself is pretty flimsy. Don't go yanking it around off the frame or you can kiss it goodbye. Finally, the slide pull is crazy! You really have to pull it back to make sure you've charged the spring, and not just brought the hammer back. It always bugs me when it becomes a pain to fire a springer.

Slide pull aside, it's got Hop-up set to .2's. Range is great, certainly around the upper category of spring pistols. 0.5 Joules of (advertised) energy appears to be correct. The trigger is responsive. No misfires or anything ugly, save for once when I failed to pull the slide all the way back while testing. Straight and reliable shots. Magazine holds 20 BBs, and loads one at a time.

Final Thoughts
It's a dependable sidearm if you're calm when you pull the slide back. I can only imagine that you're going to screw up if you're in a hurry. I like the construction and I like how it shoots. This is great work for something that you can find between 20 and 40 bucks.

~Nabisco Lobstrosity

Comment on this Review

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