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TM XM177E2

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I've finally managed after a week to sit down and write a review of my new Tokyo Marui XM177E2 Spring Rifle. I special ordered it through Airsoft Toys (who are a great bunch of guys BTW) on December 3, and it came here on January 3. They told me it would take about 4 weeks, so they were just about right. Having two holidays interrupt the shipping process didn't help but oh well. Let me say up front that the TM XM is an amazing top notch gun with some serious range, accuracy, and power.

The TM XM has some serious style going for it. It came in a matte black for every part of the gun except for the receiver, which is a VERY dark grey. I had seen the receiver colored light grey in some pictures, so having it dark was a very pleasant surprise. The gun is very mean to look at. The bolt cover opens, but serves no other purpose except to look cool. The front and rear sights are fully adjustable for elevation and windage using the included sight tool. The rear sight is a a Colt flip style with two same sized aperatures. The front sight is a Colt M16A1 style five prong based post. On the real steel gun, one is meant for closer range and one is meant for longer, but I am not sure if it makes too much difference on the airsoft version. The gun has full trades, and the only one that was covered on mine was the part saying "Colt AR-15". The rest of the trades are there which is cool. There is a little less than 1 cm of orange paint on the tip as well. The gun is made entirely of sturdy plastic, and the screws and internal springs are the only metal parts. The stock goes all the way in or all the way out and ,unfortunately, there is no mid stage (one of my only gripes about this gun). There is a flip down handle in the foregrip that is somewhat similar to a RIS handgrip. It serves as a second cocking handle (when you pull it back it pushes back the charging handle). The handgrips in front come off so you can clean the mechanism. The normal charging handle is the normal M16 T-handle type, and is very easy to pull back. There are sling mounts made of plastic (might be a problem eventually) in the front and back.

The magazine function is a little weird at first, but eventually you see how great it is. The mags hold 31-33 bb's in two chambers. To load it, you pull a plunger on the bottom of the mag down until the two springs click into place. It looks like you are pulling a stick out of the magazine to be honest, kind of weird, but I like it. You then take a little feeder out of the top of the mag and place it on the nozzle. This pushes back the bb stopper that prevents bb's from falling out of the magazine (yes, you can hold it upside down). After placing the feeder on, you load the bb's, take off the feeder and click it back into its spot, and then put the mag into the gun. The first spring automatically decompresses and you can shoot the first half of the magazine. When the first chamber runs dry, you push a button on the bottom of the mag (similar to the one on the UHC MP5) to decompress the second spring. This gives you another 15 or so bb's before you run out. Unfortunately the only place that sells spare magazines is MFI ($22). The magazine is also made of black plastic. The magazine release button is on the right side of the gun above the trigger.

The TM XM177E2 performs like a dream. This gun can easily put .25 gram bb's (thats right point-twenty-five) out to well over a hundred feet accurately. The largest distance my backyard would facilitate was about 95 feet. The XM could hit a 3' by 1' target at this distance every time with a lot of room to spare. I haven't been able to test its full distance yet by I am estimating at least 120 feet. I will update this when I can get a full measurement. One other thing to note is that this gun is so powerful that the .25's raise about a foot from where you aim, so just adjust the site to compensate if that really bugs you. The XM's accuracy is absolutely amazing. I can hit a 7" by 14" target most of the time from about 90 feet out standing up. Prone you can hit just about anything you aim at. And talk about consistency, each bb goes on the same flight pattern 99% of the time. With the regular cocking handle you can get a decent rate of fire out of the gun, and with the flip down pump handle, you can get off 2 or 3 shots a second accurately if you have steady hands.

I think that is everything (whew! that took forever). If I forgot anything I will update this. If you have any questions feel free to ask me.


EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention was that although I think it is kind of loud when I shoot it, my friends that I airsoft with said it was very quiet. I fired at someone from about 15 feet away from a concealed position and he said he thought the shot was fired from about 80-100 feet away.

Comment on this Review

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