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Retailer Review about Airsoft Atlanta

My first encounter of Airsoft Atlanta wasn’t bad. I was just getting into Airsoft, in fact I just heard about it. Inferno, had just bought two guns, a Zida Spas 12 and a Remington 870 from AA. Sparking my interest I looked around at various different websites, including AA, at first the site wasn’t very impressive, the design was bland and bad, it looked “unprofessional”. Later on, I looked at the products and thought, “Wow, they must really know there stuff, they seem to order only the best things, all their guns have good reviews and nice descriptions.” (Note: This was back when I was just getting into Airsoft, I had no idea what guns were good and which were bad.)
When doing research on my gun I stumbled upon a great site which to this day I still visit, called Airsoft retreat ( There I found a plethora of information in the forums regarding everything from retailers, guns, springs, BDUs, and lubricant. This forum changed my view on Airsoft and Airsoft Atlanta greatly. I learned about the guns, how they work, the companies, how to fix them, and the retailers. Airsoft Atlanta came up a lot, since it is a pretty popular site for the beginning Airsofter. But, in the more experienced circles, AA has notorious history of being liars and not “customer friendly.” Seems that the people that go into the store (the real store not the site) claim that the people are mean, unhelpful, and always look at you as if you were stealing something. But that is just the words of others; this review is about the site, not the real store.

Armed with my knowledge of guns and companies I reproached AA to confirm some of my suspicions and I didn’t come back empty handed. Seems that they claim everything is the “best”. The HFC MP5 was called “top of the line”, while right underneath it they talk about the UHC MP5 and say that it shoots farther and faster. In the spring pistols section they market the Y&P 92f and call it ultra reliable, and very hard shooting. The hard shooting part may be true, but the ultra reliable part is a known issue. I have only seen one report on the YP 92F which didn’t involve something on the gun being broken. To the Airsoft community this gun is known as crap. To add to this confusion, in the Taurus Millenium description they describe it as “with hop up, 230fps” only to later state that it “Uses .12 BBs at 210 fps with hop up!”, I’m pretty sure this isn’t a typo, considering what information they supply on there. If your going to lie, at least be consistent! Under the UHC M9, they call it “very accurate” this probably means that they tested it out right? Well, if you know anything about the UHC M9, you know that it uses .2g, because anything else will fly straight up after a few yards of flight(what he means is that the M9 is supposed to be set for .12g bbs but you have to use .20g otherwise it flies up-shriak), well Airsoft Atlanta seems to have missed this since it supposedly uses .12g at 260fps. Either they never tested it out, and just say it’s very accurate, or, they received a lemon.

Airsoft Atlanta is very shady, although it ships well and does give you what you order. I’ve ordered three Cybergun mesh masks off their site and they arrived within a week. So, I’m happy with that purchase. However, if you would like to contact them, they do not supply an email address, so if you want to phone them, it’s going to be long distance. There is no way to communicate with them without using the phone though, even though they have a forum, you know why? ”Airsoft Georgia MESSAGE BOARD Local Southeast players ONLY! No product discussions!” Very shady indeed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should avoid Airsoft Atlanta at all costs. Just be sure to do good research before buying from them. If you’re experienced or have done the research, you will be fine, the orders come in a timely matter. I’ve had no problems with them, and neither has Shriak, who ordered his M9, two jars of BBs (note that I ordered ONE jar of 4000 .20g but they sent me 2 jars of 2000 of the same brand-shriak) and an extra mag from them. I’m not trying to stop you from going to Airsoft Atlanta and buying their products, just be sure to get your information straight, or take a chance. The transactions are smooth, and the products arrive in good time.

Product Descriptions: 4/10
Customer Service: 2/10
Transaction: 8/10
Shipping: 8/10
Selection: 7/10
Prices: 7/10


Comment on this review

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