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Detailed Test of Popular Spring Rifles and Pistols

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I tested several of the more popular springers, including HFC XM177, M16a2, MP5a3, UHC MP5sd3, M9, USP, USP "tomb raider", KWC Desert Eagle, and 1911. The tests include Maximum range, Maximum effective range, and accuracy tests at 80ft for rifles and 60ft for pistols.

Edit: Ok, the new tests are mostly finished, the PSI tests failed. The Max Effective Range test was done by testing how far the weapons could shoot and still retain accuracy. A weapons max effective range was judged by whether or not every single shot out of a 20rd total was able to land on target. Human targets wearing BDU's, grenade vest, and LBE were also used to judge the effectiveness of the bb striking them. Rifle's were tested with KSC .2 bb's. Pistols tested with .12 bb's of UHC, HFC, and unknown brand.

The following is a comparison between the UHC and HFC brand MP5's. The testing for the rest of the spring rifles and pistols is towards the bottom of the post.
Accuracy tests at 85ft in windless environment, 10 shots per test:
UHC mp5 #1 no silencer: 10 cm groupings
w/ silencer: 6cm groupings
UHC mp5 #2 no silencer: 13 cm groupings
w/silencer: 8cm groupings

HFC MP5 #1: 15 cm groupings with two outliers. Including outliers; 29cm groupings

HFC MP5 #2: 16 cm groupings

Max range tests, Outdoors, 15 shots/test. Measured:
UHC MP5 #1 w/ silencer with .12 bb's: 135ft "before dropping"
.20 bb's: 130ft
no silencer with .12 bb's: 125ft
.20 bb's: 125-130ft.

UHC Mp5 #2 w/ silencer with .12 bb's: 140ft.
.2 bb's: 125-130ft.
no silencer with .12 bb's: 130ft.
.20 bb's: 125ft.

HFC MP5 #1 with .12 bb's: 120ft, with two bb's traveling 135ft.
.2 bb's: 100ft

HFC MP5 #2 with .12 bb's: 115 ft
.20 bb's: 95-100ft.

Edit: Max _Effective_ Range Test.
*Indicates that silencer is attatched to the MP5.

UHC MP5 #1: 95ft with all shots landing and penetrating a 2'x2' target. Human targets reported being able to feel and hear bb's striking them.

* ~100ft. Same results as above.

UHC MP5 #2: 90ft with all bb's landing and penetrating target. Human targets were able to feel and hear bb's striking them.

* ~100ft with same results as above.

HFC MP5 #1: 70ft with all bb's landing on target and 15 bb's penetrating target. Human targets inconsistenly felt bb's striking them, but always heard them.
The MP5 was capable of shooting 85ft. effectively, but roughly 20% of the bb's missed the target.

HFC MP5 #2: 85ft. with all bb's landing on target and 9 bb's penetrating the target. Human targets reported hearing the bb's striking them, but rarely feeling the impact.

It should also be noted that all airsoft guns are kept in good working order. HFC MP5 #1 experienced frequent jams, HFC MP5 #2 experienced 2 jams. The UHC mp5's experienced no malfunctions whatsoever. See edit below for comments on HFC jamming issues.*
In .12 bb tests, alternating UHC/HFC brand bb's was done. The same was done for the .2 tests with UHC, Excel, and KSC brand bb's. 6
different shooters were used.
the guns were propped up on rifle stands to ensure consistent accuracy for all of the shots. This would show that any accuracy/range inconsistencies were not the shooters fault.

The test was done roughly a month after I had seen the HFC MP5's for sale for the first time.
Edit:*More recently I tested using newer HFC MP5s which rarely jammed.*

The performance of the UHC mp5's is better and more consistent than that of the HFC mp5's. The reliability of the HFC brand mp5's seems to vary from gun to gun. UHC mp5's should work flawlessly as long as they are in good condition. The only time I have seen UHC mp5's jam or have poor performance were when the guns were in very bad condition.

In addition to this, in later tests the guns were upgraded with 3 small spacers of the same size. This modification increased the jamming rate of the HFC MP5's substantially, the UHC MP5's continued to work without flaw, as well as adding between 5-10 ft. of effective range to the rifle.

I conclude that the UHC MP5 is a more efficient, better performing, and more reliable gun than the HFC MP5. The only arguments I've heard against the UHC MP5 are looks and ROF. The HFC MP5 is weaker, but harder to cock than the UHC one. Even with the pump action handle it is easy to outshoot it with the UHC MP5.
That concludes the MP5 tests for now, hopefully I can get the PSI test working and convert it into Joules of energy. If you have any other suggestions let me know. These tests attempted to be a fairly universal test for all of the weapons, at least 2 of each gun was used and shipped in from different retailers. This does not necessarily mean that this is how all of these spring weapons perform, simply an attempt at judging how the rifles perform. Looks are a matter of opinion, however the HFC version is in fact closer to the real MP5a3 than the UHC version is to the MP5sd3.

Now, onto the full tests of the following spring rifles and pistols: UHC M9, UHC USP, UHC USP "Tomb Raider," KWC 1911(overhopped .12 and .2 bb's, had to use .25 excel bb's), KWC Desert Eagle(overhopped .12 bb's, had to use KSC .2 bb's), HFC XM177, HFC M16a2(supposedly newer HW versions).

Pistols first:
UHC M9: Maximum range: 90ft.
Accuracy at 60ft: 17in groupings.
Max Effective range: 75ft with all targets landing on target and 12 penetrating target.

UHC USP: Maximum range: 85-90ft.
Accuracy at 60ft: 21in groupings.
Max Effective range: ~70ft with all shots landing on target and 9 bb's penetrating target.

KWC 1911: Max range: ~100ft.
Accuracy at 60ft: 9in. groupings
Max effective range: 85-90 ft with all shots landing on target and all shots penetrating target.

KWC Desert Eagle: Max range: 100-105ft
Accuracy at 60ft: 11in groupings.
Max effective range: ~80ft with all shots landing on target and 18 shots penetrating target.

UHC USP "Tomb Raider" had same results as UHC USP.

Spring Rifles:

HFC XM177: Max range: 115-120 ft.
Accuracy at 80ft: 11.7 in grouping.
Max effective range: 105 ft.

HFC M16a2: Max range: ~110 ft.
Accuracy at 80ft: 10in.
Max effective range: 95-100 ft.
At least two versions of each gun listed was used during testing. The 2nd version of the XM177 seemed to be defective, the shots were spun to the left.
One of the UHC USP "tomb raider" guns would let bb's roll out of the barrel if the barrel was pointed downwards while it was being cocked. Otherwise, each version of the same gun performed very similarly, so only one finalized test result is listed here.

Two supply shipments arrived, including the TM Mk23, Glock 17, XM177, and DPMS A15.

(Using .2 bb's)
DPMS A15: Max Range: 130ft.
Accuracy at 80ft: 7.5in groupings.
Max Effective range: 115ft, with all shots landing on target and 15 penetrating target.

(With .25 BB's)
TM XM177: Max Range: 130ft.
Accuracy at 80ft: 5.5in groupings.
Max Effective range: 120ft. With all shots landing and penetrating target.

TM Mk23: Max Range: 110ft.
Accuracy at 60ft: 6in. groupings.
Max Effective Range: 100ft. with all shots landing on target and 10 shots penetrating target.

TM Glock17: Max Range: 100-105ft.
Accuracy at 60ft.: 7.5 in groupings.
Max effective range: 95ft. with all shots landing and 15 shots penetrating target.

*Soon to come, UHC Super 9 PRO*

Edit: *The UHC Super 9 PRO has been tested as well as the Y&P P99.

UHC Super 9 PRO (Using .2 bb's)
Maximum Range: 145-150 ft.
Accuracy at 80ft: 7.5 in groupings
Max effective range: 130ft, with all shots landing and penetrating target.
*Comment: One brand new S9 Pro was acquired for the testing. Upon initial assemble, the inner barrel was not fully inserted, even after tapping it against a hard surface to push it in. On observation, it appeared to be in completely; after poor test results a rubber mallet was used to seat the barrel properly. After that, the gun performed much better.

YP P99 (.12 bb's):
Max Range: 90ft
Accuracy at 60ft: 15 in groupings
Max effective range: 75 ft. with all shots landing on target, and 9 shots penetrating target.

*Guns currently entering into testing are: HFC L85a1, HFC Uzi, 3PSA Micro-uzi, and possibly the HFC "Bullpup" 230.
*Edit: Finished testing.
Note: HFC Uzi, 3PSA Micro-uzi, and the HFC "Bullpup" 230 were tested AS PISTOLS. This was due to the fact that they performed well with .12 bb's and had the range and accuracy that would be expected of spring pistols. Also, two HFC UZI's were tested: One older one with orange pump handle, and one newer one with black pump handle. Both performed the similarly, no internal modifications were observed between the older and newer versions.

HFC L85A1 (using .2bb's)
Max Range: 105ft.
Accuracy at 80ft: 8in groupings.
Max effective range: 95ft. with all shots landing on target and 7 penetrating target.

HFC UZI: (.12 bb's)
Max Range: 95ft
Accuracy at 60ft: 15in groupings
Max effective range: 80ft with all shots landing and 7 penetrating target.

HFC "Bullpup" 230: (.12 bb's)
Max range: 90ft
Accuracy at 60ft: 18 in groupings.
Max effective range: 65ft. with all shots landing on target and 2 penetrating target.

3PSA Micro-UZI:
Max Range: 90ft
Accuracy at 60ft: 15in groupings.
Max effective range: 75ft. with all shots landing on target and 5 penetrating target.

*The HFC P99 tests are in*
HFC P99: (.12 bb's)
Max range: 95ft
Accuracy at 60ft: 18in groupings.
Max effective range: 80ft. with all shots landing on target and 14 penetrating target.

Next test will be on the Hardball II shotgun.


This article/review was taken from Airsoft Retreat here with the consent of the author.

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